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Turtle’s Name from Finding Nemo: The Iconic Character’s Identity

The 2003 animated movie Finding Nemo has been a beloved film that presents the story of a father and son. We follow the journey of an overprotective clownfish father named Marlin who has to rescue his son Nemo since he is captured by a diver. Joining Marlin is a blue fish with short-term memory loss called Dory. But aside from these three main characters, other aquatic animals also ho made a great impression in the film — like the turtles! Learn about these turtles’ names from Finding Nemo and why they’re so special.

What are the Names of the Turtles From Finding Nemo?

#1. Crush


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Crush is the primary turtle character in the movie. He is likened to a surfer dude because of the way he talks, the words he used, and his overall vibe.

Crush was a helping hand to Marlin and Dory when they were on their journey to rescue Nemo from Sydney Harbor. Crush also came up with the nicknames “The Jellyman” for Marlin and “Little Blue” for Dory.

Crush is a Pacific Green Sea Turtle, and he was the one who transported Marlin and Dory on his shell to their destination. It was a ride unlike any other for the two! When they were about to part ways, Marlin also asked Crush how old he was, to which he answered, “150, dude, and still young.”

Crush a laidback turtle who loves the ocean’s currents and rides them like a pro. He was depicted as a fun-loving, chill animal who literally goes with the flow.

In real life, turtles who are similar to Crush are giant hard-shelled turtles. And what makes them unique is their green color, and their diet plays a major role in this. The Pacific Green Sea Turtle is an herbivore, and its meals primarily consist of algae and seagrasses, which give its fat that distinct green color. You read that right — it is their fat that’s green and not their actual shells.

Although green turtles are considered the biggest hard-shelled sea turtles, their heads are much smaller. An adult Pacific Green Sea Turtle can weigh up to 350 pounds and are approximately 4 feet long. Two of the distinct physical attributes of these turtles are their serrated beaks on their lower jaws and two massive scales between their eyes.

#2. Squirt


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Squirt is Crush’s son. And the father and son share that same easygoing and optimistic personality, although Squirt, being the younger turtle, is more fearless and doesn’t consider the risks involved in his actions — like the possibility of being swept away in the East Australian Current.

Squirt is also shown as a kind animal who can easily make friends, including Nemo. He also helps Marlin and Dory find Nemo.

Baby Pacific Green Sea Turtles’ eggs are laid on the beach, where their mothers create a pit so they can safely lay them. The mother turtle then returns to the nest after two months, just before the eggs hatch.

Once these babies are born, they are at risk of danger from many predators like crabs and birds, so they need to crawl into the water immediately to increase their chances of survival.

Other Interesting Questions About the Turtles From Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

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#1. What is the Full Name of Crush?

Since Crush’s father is named Mr. Turtle, his full name is Crush Turtle or C. Turtle, a witty reference to “sea turtle.”

Apparently, Crush also has a middle name! While on the show “Turtle Talk” in Orlando’s Magic Kingdom, a little girl named Izzy asked Crush if he has a middle name and what it is. At first, Crush said that he didn’t have one, but after some thought, he decided on the middle name “Izzy.”

#2. Aside From Finding Nemo, Where Else Can the Turtles Be Seen?

Given that Crush is the main turtle in the movie, he is expected to be best known and have more publicity than the others.

Crush was given his talk show and is the mainstay of The Seas with Nemo & Friends at Disney’s California Adventure. He is also a regular in Tokyo Disney Sea. He also had a guest appearance in FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman, specifically in Season 5, where he celebrated his birthday.

#3. Does Crush Make Cameo Appearances in Any Other Films?

Yes! We see Crush returning to the ocean world in the movie Finding Dory, a sequel to Finding Nemo. Crush also appears in the movie Wall E, specifically in the mosaic shown during the credits at the end. He also had another cameo appearance in Lava, a movie by Pixar released in 2014. He has also made brief appearances in other movies, like Moana, Toy Story 3, and The Good Dinosaur.

#4. How Did Marlin and Dory Meet Crush and Squirt?

While looking for Nemo, Marlin and Dory get stuck among several jellyfish who start to attack them. The stinging gets so bad that Marlin and Dory get close to losing consciousness.

This is when a shadow appears, which is Crush, and rescues the duo. Note that sea turtles like Crush eat jellyfish, and they are equipped with a natural defense mechanism against the venom of these invertebrates.

#5. Do Crush, Squirt, and the Other Turtles Live in the East Australian Current?

Based on the information Crush provides, it can be concluded that the turtles’ home is in Hawaii and that they are just passing through the East Australian Current to get home.

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