COVID: Your opinion counts

Grant Schofield PhD, Professor of Public Health AUT On robust debate Everyone has an opinion on COVID and the public policy that goes with it. We all think differently and all of our opinions matter.  Some have opinions counted more than others because they have experience or specific expertise in the area. Some are simply saying a lot and doing so often.  I’m a Professor of Public Health, so I feel I have at least some understanding of the issues we face now. I feel that I have some duty to voice… Read More

Why fitness is medicine, and you should learn about Fasting Mimicking Exercise (FME)

Dr Richard Babor, a cancer surgeon, and his new TV show “How not to get cancer” attracted loads of attention. There was some negative reaction because people felt they were being unfairly blamed for getting cancer, because poor lifestyle was pinned as a major cause of cancer. I doubt that was the intention of the show. In fact, Dr Babor clearly started in the intro that “it’s no one’s fault personally” and this is an important point. But it is a big public health issue. No one wants cancer, and we want… Read More

Saturated Fat – eating butter is better?

The most common criticism, certainly the most serious we get, is that saying that butter and cream and full-fat dairy aren’t necessarily harmful in a low carb diet will cause people to eat more of these foods and increase the risk of heart disease