Type 1 Diabetes and Low carb

I met a guy called Ralph Norris a few months ago.  He is one of New Zealand’s more successful businessmen and corporate CEOs.  He’s had roles as CEO of Air New Zealand, ASBank, and Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA).  He’s on the board of New Zealand’s biggest company Fonterra, and the Treasury board, and is fit and healthy looking. He’s a peak performer in every aspect of his life; even in his mid-sixties he still looks good and is sharper than anyone I know. Oh yeah, it’s Sir Ralph Norris too! I was… Read More

Diet wars: Can you really eat fat and get lean?

There’s a food fight cooking… In the red corner, we have the national nutrition guidelines, with its support crew of dietitians and most of the conservative medical and scientific community. They are the reigning public health champions. They are undefeated, but then they haven’t been seriously challenged. Until now.  In the blue corner, we have a new challenger. He’s been around a while but till now he’s just been shadow boxing. For some reason he strikes fear in those around him. I present to you…..Fat. We’ve been told for decades now that saturated… Read More