I am Grant Schofield, Professor of Public Health (Auckland University of Technology) and director of the university’s Human Potential Centre (HPC) located at the Millennium Campus in Auckland, New Zealand. My research and teaching interests are in wellbeing and chronic disease prevention especially reducing the risk and eventual mortality and morbidity from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. I live by the motto “be the best you can be” and have a strong commitment to peak performance in which I also do consulting work.

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PreKure is a social enterprise that exists to inspire the medical profession to become more focused on disease prevention.

PreKure’s vision is to make prescribing lifestyle medicine as easy as prescribing pills.

Together we can change medicine.
Prevention is cure. Lifestyle is medicine.



Science in a minute: Which diets work for who? - SCIENCE IN A MINUTE: @Caryn Zinn Nutrition reviews the latest Lifestyle Medicine research released two weeks ago in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on weight-loss maintenance. Which diet works best for maintaining weight loss? Find out… #foodismedicine Follow our science in a minute series at Prekure.com Click here to see the full paper.  
Fitness is medicine - What’s more important to you – your left arm or your right foot? What would you rather keep if you had to lose one or the other? Well, here’s my opinion in the video below and longer blog here Actually it’s all about how we need to talk about fitness more. Fitness is medicine. Enjoy…and get fit! You will see yourself linked to Prekure’s www site. Prekure – “prevention is cure” is a social enterprise I’m part of with 8 other health professionals from oncology to public health to general practice to... Read More
Four Challenges for a Good Life - Here’s a little piece I wrote for the Education sector in the Education Gazette, around the big issues for our kids.. Opinion piece: By Grant Schofield, Professor of Public Health and Director of the Human Potential Centre at AUT Millennium, and the Ministry of Education’s Chief Education Health and Nutrition Advisor. Challenge 1: Mobile devices Challenge 2: Getting outside Challenge 3: Free-range kids Challenge 4: Food Grant’s family and friends enjoy a day at Frog Rock in Hikuai, Coromandel. What should a rich, developed country like New Zealand be aspiring towards? I... Read More
New Zealanders eating “too much meat” again – What does the evidence say? - Once again we have headlines about how we need to cut back on meat consumption for the sake of our health, and the planet’s, fueled by a recent review.[1] We’ve addressed the climate effects of ruminant agriculture before, this (most particularly with regard to intensive dairying and least of all with regard to sheep) is a conversation we need to keep having in NZ, but we would prefer experts to stop conflating this agenda with health advice. As we’ll show, no-one has good data about how much meat New Zealanders currently eat,... Read More
Democracy in action, food labelling and sugar. Have your say. - Here’s your chance everyone…The Australian and NZ governments are calling for public consultation on food labelling, especially around sugar. The letter I got is pasted below. Make your submissions at this link  So, they are asking us what we think. Let’s not just complain afterwards…Have a go if you care about what we eat. ———————-paste————— Dear Stakeholder   The Food Regulation Standing Committee (FRSC) is inviting submissions from stakeholders on the labelling of sugars on packaged foods and drinks. A Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (Consultation Paper) has been prepared to seek information... Read More
National Business Review’s fasting challenge - This is a good little watch. Last month I sat down with Todd Scott CEO of the National Business Review, and Chris Keall also at NBR. Chris had let his weight get away on him and needed to front up to this. Todd was in pretty good shape, but is always aiming to be a high performer. He was looking at a reset to be in his best possible shape. So they took on a fasting challenge following our “super fasting” protocol in What the Fast?  Here’s the full article and video... Read More
The same old diet recommendations in New Zealand’s new cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines - Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment and Management for Primary Care. https://www.health.govt.nz/system/files/documents/publications/cvd-risk-assessment-and-management-for-primary-care-v2.pdf Its the same stuff – saturated fat is bad for you. Avoid it, and replace it with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats But hang on minute, is this still the best advice you have?  And will it really prevent people getting cardiovascular disease? The advice to limit saturated fat misses more important effects? We think there are a few holes in the argument. Or at least we aren’t getting the full story. They say…… “Substituting dietary saturated fat with mono and polyunsaturated fats... Read More
#letschangemedicine - Our health system is awesome at fixing up sickness, if I have an accident or get an infectious disease, get ear ache or a sore tooth, then it’s good to know that we have world class medical professionals and a system to deal with all of that. But, let’s face it, our health system is not so awesome at preventing us getting sick, and providing us with the tools to have a great life where we are the best we can be. Let’s face it, we spend billions on sickness and very... Read More
How to reverse the diabetes epidemic in 3 years. - It’s out! I’m honoured to be part of an authorship team with Prof Robert Lustig and Cardiologist  Dr Aseem Malhotra, two rock stars of nutritional science and public health. These two guys are driving change and challenging dogma. The paper, just published here in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, is an up to date report on the science of sugar, and offers an eight-point plan to reverse the diabetes epidemic within three years. From the press release…. “Three international obesity experts, NHS Consultant Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, Professor Robert Lustig of the University... Read More
What the Fast! preorders live - Hi everyone, After a big year of research, writing, and testing of our low-carb fasting method – “Super fasting” we are finally good to go. We are super excited about What the Fast!, and how it continues the challenge on conventional nutritional-science wisdom. We’ve wrapped up the latest science, practice and yum recipes to provide you with a brilliant structure to mange your eating week (the sub-title is “How Monday and Tuesday will change your life”). I really want to take the opportunity to thank the team, especially my co-authors Dr Caryn... Read More