Raise a healthy million

Raising a Healthy Million (dollars) for Kiwi Kids Sport and Schools

We are parents, and our kids have been bringing home chocolates, confectionary and other equally frustrating fundraising ideas for years. We attended bingo nights, we’ve sold booze to those we shouldn’t, and we generally extorted money out of our daily friends and other hangers on. We sold and got people to get things they didn’t need and have virtually no benefit to them. Sometimes the stuff we sold them harm (the junk food).
We are ver that now, and through some careful piloting and massive success we are now ready to make an actual healthy an useful contribution to school fundraising in New Zealand.
The Healthy Million campaign is about helping parents, kids, schools and sports club fundraise without having to resort to selling chocolates and running endless sausage sizzles and bingo nights.
It’s easy to administer and raises the dosh your team or school needs. Here’s how it works…
Best selling NZ book – What The Fat? Fat’s IN, Sugar’s OUT and its sequel What The Fat? Sports Performance is available for sale by your fundraising committee. The books are purchased at a low price from the What The Fat? Authors – Professor Grant Schofield, Dr Caryn Zinn, and Craig Rodger and then on-sold by you and your team/school at the recommended retail price.
“This was the easiest and most successful fundraiser I have ever experienced”
Paul Fordham, Teacher and Hockey Coach, First Eleven – Rosmini College
To find out more contact info@whatthefatbook.com and get your fundraising campaign underway.
Help us raise a Healthy Million dollars to get kiwi kids more active with this easy and healthy fundraiser for your child’s sports team or school.
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Richard Feinman, the Other

The Science of Human Potential

Understanding how to be the best you can be. Professor Grant Schofield.


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