Joseph Kraft: Why hyperinsulinemia matters

Science has a history of ignoring some of the most important and astonishing work for a long time, then coming to its senses and celebrating it. It is time now to celebrate the work of Dr Joseph Kraft MD, a pathologist now in his nineties. Dr Kraft is the author of “Diabetes Epidemic and You” which is still available, at least in hard copy. He defines what he calls “Diabetes in situ” which is borrowed from his cancer pathology background. He has written several good papers, none of which have ended up being… Read More

Saturated fat is bad for you…….really???

by Grant Schofield and Helen Kilding Addendum note from Grant: This post has generated an enormous amount of debate – see the comments section.  Its interesting as the authors of this study came back into the debate early. Another study, this time it’s my colleagues much closer to home in New Zealand, and they received quite a bit of media space from it. The authors sought to estimate the potential impact on cardiovascular health of modifying dietary intake of saturated fat across the New Zealand population, and whether this would be appropriate… Read More

How happy are New Zealanders?

How happy are you?  How well are you doing in your life?  How happy are New Zealanders, and how do they compare with other countries? All big questions. You can find out how you compare with the average New Zealander of your age and sex here.  You can access the Sovereign New Zealand Wellbeing Index here.  You can view TVNZ’s Sunday episode aired on the topic here. I am very proud to announce the public release of this Sovereign New Zealand Wellbeing Index. It’s the first survey point in a six-year research… Read More

Do diabetes specialists have learning resistance?

The healthy diabetes plate is a peer-reviewed “evidence based guidelines for healthy eating for Type 2 diabetics”. Here’s my rant around what I consider to be a gaping hole in sensible logic. Here’s the biological logic: You have become metabolically dysregulated. In mainstream medicine, your doctor will call you “insulin resistant”. That means your body is having difficulty getting glucose out of your blood stream into your cells. Your body still needs to get rid of this glucose, so your pancreas produces more insulin to get the glucose into the cells. Chronically… Read More

Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace

Some great  truths in this! Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace.

Why some people must restrict carbs

OK, I will start this by saying that this is a more academic piece about metabolic control in type 2 diabetics, and the ethics of feeding them low fat diets. It is a bit technical in places and deals directly with original research. Read on if you are interested! The key message is that in my opinion, when you are insulin resistant, really the first option you should consider is restricting carbs. I hear a lot about “it’s the processed carbs, not the starchy veges that are the problem”, that “vegetarian and… Read More

Is exercise damaging my heart?

Recent high profile athlete cases of heart problems, especially arrhythmias, has had many of us asking several questions about the endurance exercise we do on a regular basis. These include: What’s the risk? Is it linked to the actual exercise or something else? What might you do to mitigate the risk, but still get the benefits of being fit? It really seems that the evidence is starting to stack up from case studies, to epidemiology, to mechanisms. Let’s explore the issues. 1. What’s the risk? A recent study published in the European… Read More

Curing Type 2 Diabetes

I’m writing this post and getting these videos out there after a conversation with a diabetes nurse who was very happy to go around telling her diabetic patients, and anyone else who would listen, that “you can’t cure type 2 diabetes”. Really? No chance of completely reversing all the symptoms? First is an interview with Dr Jay Wortman by the Diet Doctor (one of my favorite bloggers in the LCHF field) The second is Dr Wortman’s film about curing diabetes in Canadian first nations’ people. It’s called “My Big Fat Diet“. It… Read More

Will sweeteners make you fat or sick?

Now here’s a very controversial topic: aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. My conversations with (usually) men on sugar and substitutes usually go something like this: Me: ‘Have you thought about replacing your fizzy drinks with diet drinks like Coke Zero or Diet Coke?’ ‘No.’ Me: ‘Why not?’ ‘I don’t drink that shit.’ Me: ‘What do you mean?’ ‘It’s full of that artificial crap, like those sweeteners and other chemicals. They cause cancer. Diet Coke is a girls’ drink, as well.’ Me: ‘So you’d rather drink that 500 ml of Coke, which has… Read More

What about kids on LCHF?

This blog was inspired by a question/objection to LCHF from my friend Stuart: “Don’t growing kids need a rich and varied diet when they are growing?” I couldn’t agree with you more Stuart.  Let’s cover this in two parts, the rich and the varied separately. Rich:  Yes, kids like all humans respond well to a nutrient dense diet. I am advocating a nutrient dense diet full of fibre, and whole foods full of micronutrients.  Children, like adults, should eat until they are satisfied.  Their food should be based, like adults, on primal principles. In… Read More