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NZ’s health leaders respond to our research publicity: Saturated fat…its bad, low carb radical and unsafe

It was no surprise to see this one coming.  A perfect storm for the old powers that be in New Zealand obesity research and practice. The BMJ paper on why we got the saturated fat thing wrong, the ABC Catalyst series, and me out and about in the media talking about low carb high fat. I […]

Awkward? Food blogger calls me “socially awkward”!

How is one supposed to feel?  Good, I think as friend, food blogger, and academic Dr Mikki Williden wrote a blog about me and others.  Read here. Of note: She stands up for me, and the fact that challenging conventional nutrition science is worthwhile.  Thanks, as frankly I have hardly impressed the public health people […]

What if I ate less?

What would happen if I ate less?  Here’s a theoretical question from a reader.  I’ve been mulling it over as it is really fundamental to what I am talking about. Here’s the question: Professor Schofield, I have a situation for you and I would love to hear how you respond. Given three identical 100-kg individuals (assume […]

The cause of obesity – opportunistic voracity?

OK, here’s some real evidence of why the science of nutrition and metabolism is in such a mess. It’s an email discussion between myself and Professor Boyd Swinburn about the role of insulin and other metabolic factors in overweight and obesity, including weight loss. It gets scientific and technical in places, but I think it’s […]

Do diabetes specialists have learning resistance?

The healthy diabetes plate is a peer-reviewed “evidence based guidelines for healthy eating for Type 2 diabetics”. Here’s my rant around what I consider to be a gaping hole in sensible logic. Here’s the biological logic: You have become metabolically dysregulated. In mainstream medicine, your doctor will call you “insulin resistant”. That means your body […]

TEDMED Peter Attia

Is the “obesity crisis” just a disguise for a deeper problem? Dr Peter Attia’s TEDMED talk is out. He articulates very nicely, in good conservative medical speak, just what the alternative insulin resistance hypothesis is, and why we get fat and sick. The more detailed hypothesis I have covered in “Why some people stay skinny […]

Why some people must restrict carbs

OK, I will start this by saying that this is a more academic piece about metabolic control in type 2 diabetics, and the ethics of feeding them low fat diets. It is a bit technical in places and deals directly with original research. Read on if you are interested! The key message is that in […]

Curing Type 2 Diabetes

I’m writing this post and getting these videos out there after a conversation with a diabetes nurse who was very happy to go around telling her diabetic patients, and anyone else who would listen, that “you can’t cure type 2 diabetes”. Really? No chance of completely reversing all the symptoms? First is an interview with […]

Will sweeteners make you fat or sick?

Now here’s a very controversial topic: aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. My conversations with (usually) men on sugar and substitutes usually go something like this: Me: ‘Have you thought about replacing your fizzy drinks with diet drinks like Coke Zero or Diet Coke?’ ‘No.’ Me: ‘Why not?’ ‘I don’t drink that shit.’ Me: ‘What do […]

Diet wars: Can you really eat fat and get lean?

There’s a food fight cooking… In the red corner, we have the national nutrition guidelines, with its support crew of dietitians and most of the conservative medical and scientific community. They are the reigning public health champions. They are undefeated, but then they haven’t been seriously challenged. Until now.  In the blue corner, we have a […]

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