FGF-21, protein, carbohydrate, and mice

Once again, the significance of a mouse study has been distorted by its authors and exaggerated by the media.  It grabbed our attention because it was the lead front page story in our national newspaper the New Zealand Herald, no less. Also, because we’ve been big advocates for lower carb intakes, especially for the insulin resistant amongst us, it flies in the face on what we are on about. So let’s have a look at what’s going on. Common dietary advice has been turned on its head by new research finding that… Read More

Can a high-fat diet protect against statin side-effects?

In the news recently is a review of statin benefits and side-effects in the Lancet which, using a controversial modelling method to predict population effects from the variable results of clinical trials, recommends that statins be prescribed more widely to healthy people to lower their risk of future heart attacks.[1] The claim is that side-effects are rare, but they seem to be more common, and more serious, in real life than Professor Rory Collins, lead author of the review, admitted when interviewed by the BBC. In our opinion, it’s not ethical to… Read More

Response to Freedhoff and Hall – the differences between diets do matter.

In the latest Lancet, Yoni Freedhoff and Kevin Hall have an opinion piece about diet trials, in which they argue that it’s not helpful to know that an ad lib low-carb diet results in more weight loss than a calorie-restricted low-fat “dietary guidelines” type diet, because the weight loss differences are not clinically significant, a claim which we think is both false, and overlooking other benefits of carbohydrate restriction.[1] They then go on to ask that more effort go into identifying ways to ensure that people can adhere to diets long term,… Read More

Australia’s response to the diabetes epidemic – shooting the messenger.

On the Sunday current affairs program in New Zealand there was a report on the diabetes epidemic in South Auckland. This is our largest (and growing) health problem, and two of the players in this tragedy had messages that stood out. An elderly woman, overweight and now condemned to thrice-weekly dialysis, told us “I didn’t do anything wrong”. How right she was. The Ministry of Health website still offers this “healthy eating” advice – “Fill up on breads, cereals, pasta and rice.” Junk epidemiology and junk food The epidemiologists from Harvard recently grabbed headlines… Read More

Intro to low carb and fasting seminar

We are doing a seminar Sept 8th, AUT Millennium Auckland Presenters – me (Grant Schofield), dietician Dr Caryn Zinn, and Jimmy Moore all the way form the USA talking about his experiences with fasting. It’s definitely an intro night, so well suited to those just getitng into or supporting others getting into this lifestyle Limited space – book online here Date: Thursday 8th September Location: AUT Millennium, The Finish Line, 17 Antares Place,Mairangi Bay, Auckland Time: 6.30pm –8.30 pm Tickets: $25, limited to the first 150 people Buy your tickets online at shop.autmillennium.org.nz Sorry… Read More

The “thrifty” gene found in Samoa and what it means

This (very technical) paper has made a big splash on the internet and in the media, not just in New Zealand but all around the world. A thrifty variant in CREBRF strongly influences body mass index in Samoans Ryan L Minster, Nicola L Hawley, Chi-Ting Su, Guangyun Sun, Erin E Kershaw, Hong Cheng, Olive D Buhule, Jerome Lin, Muagututi‘a Sefuiva Reupena, Satupa‘itea Viali, John Tuitele, Take Naseri, Zsolt Urban, Ranjan Deka, Daniel E Weeks, & Stephen T McGarvey Nat Genet. 2016 Jul 25. doi: 10.1038/ng.3620. [Epub ahead of print] Samoans are a… Read More

Eating more saturated fats raises risk of early death; yeah, right.

Behold, a new diet-health observational paper appears! (What, this one, again?) There are two long term observational studies of diet and health that get more press coverage than all the others combined. New papers on these studies, which say the same things with minor variations, are published every few months in high-impact journals. The editors of these journals don’t seem to mind that the papers they get are unoriginal and the repetitive choice of the same studies amounts to cherry picking, because the authors are the rock stars of the nutritional establishment, and… Read More

The timing of carbs in meals makes a diference!

  The spirit of science is not merely faith in the power of reason; it is also a belief that our problems may be simpler than they appear to be. – Colin Wilson, The Strength to Dream This recent pilot study is an example of good science for two reasons – it suggests that a minor change in behaviour can be a shortcut to important health benefits, and it raises more questions than it answers. Alpana P. Shukla, Radu G. Iliescu, Catherine E. Thomas, and Louis J. Aronne. Diabetes Care 2015;38:e98–e99 | DOI: 10.2337/dc15-0429… Read More

The new BMJ review of high cholesterol and mortality in the elderly

High cholesterol ‘does not cause heart disease’ new research finds, so treating with statins a ‘waste of time’ – or at least that’s the headline in the UK papers following the Just published paper in the BMJ . This, the latest study to question the established view that high cholesterol is always a bad thing, looked at the relationship between serum LDL-cholesterol and mortality in observational studies of people aged 60 and older “We identified 19 cohort studies including 30 cohorts with a total of 68 094 elderly people, where all-cause mortality was recorded… Read More

UK charity comes out with LCHF Real Food Guidelines

A British charity called the National Obesity Forum, in association with the Public Health Coalition, is in the news today for attacking the low-fat dietary guidelines and food industry manipulation of science (in the UK known as the Eatwell Guide), and suggesting a way out of our growing public health crisis in this document. The Public Health Coalition earlier came out with LCHF guidelines for the prevention and control of obesity and diabetes, and with real food, healthy fat guidelines for the rest of the population. You can download this document, Healthy… Read More