Eating in the right state of mind

Guest blogger Christian Thoma from the Physical Activity & Exercise Research Group  and MoveLab, Newcastle University Medical School looks at how your state of mind affects your body when eating. Christian makes a very important point in his email to me about this blog: “Even though I work in a team which includes health psychologists, the behaviour around the act of eating rather than the choice of what to eat never enters the conversation. The same held true when I worked mostly with nutritionists.” I absolutely agree with you Christian, this is a massive point….our… Read More

PS from the low carb dabbler – Part 2

Although my food diary wasn’t as complete as it could have been during the 7 day ‘low carb high fat’ experiment, and the FoodWorks software used to analyse it has its limitations, this is what it found: Most of my calories were definitely coming from fat, although according to Mikki, an even higher fat % and lower carb % would be desirable on a LCHF (or ketogenic) diet. Suggested ratios are Fat > 75%; Carbs 5-10%; Protein 5-15%. Mine were….. Of more interest to me however was the total grams of carbs… Read More

PS from the low carb dabbler – Part 1

Thanks to everyone reading and passing on this blog.  Its grown really fast and already is closing in on 10,000 hits in a little more than 6 weeks.  So thank you. Helen Kilding started editing my blogs, and as you can see after a few weeks of that she really got the blogging bug herself.  She’s also having quite a journey converting from low fat vegetarianism to a whole foods high fat diet including plenty of meats. Helen can speak for herself, and will continue to do so in this and subsequent blogs,… Read More

Will sweeteners make you fat or sick?

Now here’s a very controversial topic: aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. My conversations with (usually) men on sugar and substitutes usually go something like this: Me: ‘Have you thought about replacing your fizzy drinks with diet drinks like Coke Zero or Diet Coke?’ ‘No.’ Me: ‘Why not?’ ‘I don’t drink that shit.’ Me: ‘What do you mean?’ ‘It’s full of that artificial crap, like those sweeteners and other chemicals. They cause cancer. Diet Coke is a girls’ drink, as well.’ Me: ‘So you’d rather drink that 500 ml of Coke, which has… Read More

Bliss – Cheez doodles, Menthos, and Chocolate bars?

Even if you don’t understand a word of Norwegian (which I don’t), I think you will figure out and the essence of this fabulous clip. Here’s the context: Its Day 86 of Norwegian explorer Aleksander Gamme ‘s solo trek to the South Pole and back. He’s lost 25 kg of body weight.   He has left stashes of equipment and so forth along the way. This video shows him coming across one he left almost three months prior. He has no idea what’s in his stash.  Initially it looks like junk…even so he… Read More

A tale of two meals

Check out this cool ideograph of how high carb and low carb affect energy metabolism and fat storage. Nice picture for you to get your head around and explain to others.  Source for the lovely ideograph

Final installment of the diary of a low carb dabbler – Part 5

The final day of my 7 day LCHF dabble is here. I’d love to tell you that meal 21 of 21 was a big eye fillet drenched in a creamy butter sauce served with deep fried broccoli but hey, that’s not what dabbling is all about. Poor planning , a lack of motivation to go shopping and wanting to have the same meal as my husband, meant that my last supper was, of all things, a bowl of pasta, albeit with a very oily sauce. So I’ve done it, the 7 days… Read More

Diary of a low carb dabbler – Part 4

Oh dear….maybe when you reintroduce meat in to your diet after over 20 years, you should start with a small portion, not a LCHF diet portion! Stomach ache and nausea in the middle of the night, whilst trying to feed a 3 month old, is not fun. I felt almost back to normal by morning and after some YCBNS and a lovely run/walk on the beach, all was good in the world again. Today was my first real experience of eating out as a LCHF dabbler. My usual café lunch of a… Read More

Diary of a low carb dabbler – Part 3

In the first installment of the Diary of a low carb (or LCHF dabbler), I talked about who I am (a physically active and breastfeeding pescatarian, who regularly falls off the glucose cliff) and who I want to be (a sub-3 hour marathon running Super Mum)! In the second installment I reported back on a great first 3 days. Stable blood sugar levels, enjoyable exercise, tasty meals. But on Day 4 something changed. After the usual one feed in the night, I woke up around 6.30 am, keen to go for a… Read More

Diary of a low carb dabbler – Part 2

Well after some early hiccups, I’m now 3 days in to my 7 day trial. Day 1 was Day 1 by accident really…..after having a café brunch of omelette and salad, an early afternoon snack of full fat yoghurt with nuts and seeds, and then a dinner of a beautiful piece of oily salmon with salad and just a small piece of bread, I realised that I’d possibly, accidentally, had a relatively LCHF day. So I decided to call that Day 1. I started the next day with just a small bowl… Read More