Low carb high fat lecture full, so we are doing another

Thanks to the many who have registered and shown interest in this seminar at AUT Millennium on October 16th.  Its been wildly over subscribed to the point we have decided to do a second seminar.  So please if you are interested, its filling very fast, get registered today. Event Details Date:   Tuesday, 22 October 2013 Time:   7.00pm – 8.30pm Venue: AUT Millennium Institute, 17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, Auckland Free public parking is available Programme 6.00pm – 6.50pm       Registrations open 7.00pm – 7.45pm       Event commences.  Keynote presentation from Professor Grant Schofield 7.45pm… Read More

We’re doing a public lecture on Low Carb High Fat

Click here for the full PDF version of the invite Low Carb High Fat_16 Oct 2013 Join me and my research team to see the latest in the world of Low Carb HIgh Fat (LCHF) research and practice.  We will look at what the research shows, what we are doing, and what this means in practical terms.  We will be discussing both health (weight loss, diabetes, and chronic disease), and athletic performance. Get in quick to register if you are in Auckland as seats are free but limited. When: Wednesday October 16th 7-8.30… Read More

More on low carb and diabetes

Last week I wrote a short piece on low carb and diabetes, specifically Type 1 diabetes. That’s the diabetes where the body can’t produce insulin (aka Diabetes Mellitus or T1DM). Conventional wisdom has it that people with T1DM should eat a decent amount of carbs (200+ grams a day), which is a fair bit, and you match the insulin you inject to cope with that carb load.  The trouble is that: It’s really hard to exactly match the insulin to the glucose load Operating like this means that you will be constantly… Read More

Awkward? Food blogger calls me “socially awkward”!

How is one supposed to feel?  Good, I think as friend, food blogger, and academic Dr Mikki Williden wrote a blog about me and others.  Read here. Of note: She stands up for me, and the fact that challenging conventional nutrition science is worthwhile.  Thanks, as frankly I have hardly impressed the public health people I usually interact with in New Zealand.  They mostly assume I am either mad, stupid, ignorant or a combination of the three.  I, of course, think I’m on the right track.  And now at least Mikki does…. Read More

Type 1 Diabetes and Low carb

I met a guy called Ralph Norris a few months ago.  He is one of New Zealand’s more successful businessmen and corporate CEOs.  He’s had roles as CEO of Air New Zealand, ASBank, and Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA).  He’s on the board of New Zealand’s biggest company Fonterra, and the Treasury board, and is fit and healthy looking. He’s a peak performer in every aspect of his life; even in his mid-sixties he still looks good and is sharper than anyone I know. Oh yeah, it’s Sir Ralph Norris too! I was… Read More

Comparing LCHF and the Mediterranean diet

By Helen Kilding and Grant Schofield We’ve been hearing quite a lot about how healthy the Mediterranean diet is.  So what is it, and how does it compare with the Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) approach that we talk about on here?  How different are they and why would you choose one over another? Let’s find out. The traditional Mediterranean diet is characterised by a high intake of olive oil, fruit, nuts, vegetables, and cereals; a moderate intake of fish and poultry; a low intake of animal products like dairy, red meat,… Read More

Can you be a healthy endurance athlete?

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about triathlon and other endurance sport training and racing.  Even in our own research group, there is a lot of debate and questions about what and how, especially regarding supplemental carb use. I think it comes down to understanding that ‘high performance endurance athletics’ and ‘health’ are not always the same thing.  I might even go as far as to say that they are mostly mutually exclusive in the long run. That’s different from doing endurance events and being healthy – I believe that is… Read More

Humans ferment fiber into fat

A short post on how fermentation of resistant starches in the gut into short chain fatty acids (SCFA) works and the role it plays in human and other animals’ diets. I direct you all to a really nice review paper in the journal “Physiology Reviews” for way more expert and in-depth analysis than I can do. You better have some good biochemistry if you want to understand that paper though. Frankly, I was struggling by the end. I am writing this because I have had a problem reconciling why mammals can have… Read More

Does carb burning age you?

Grant was out for his weekly hill ride with his old mate Stephen. Stephen was now in his nineties and Grant just about to turn 90. The day was sunny and warm. At halfway, they stopped and had a coffee and talked about their grandchildren, each showing off a bit to the other. On the last high hill Grant took off and lead out a sprint. It was all good until just as they hit the top, Grant felt a sudden pain in his chest and dropped dead. Stephen, after a lifetime… Read More

The cause of obesity – opportunistic voracity?

OK, here’s some real evidence of why the science of nutrition and metabolism is in such a mess. It’s an email discussion between myself and Professor Boyd Swinburn about the role of insulin and other metabolic factors in overweight and obesity, including weight loss. It gets scientific and technical in places, but I think it’s an interesting debate to have. It’s also long (3000 words..). The reality is, we both (Boyd and I) want the same thing – a healthier and happier population – but differences in our beliefs around the underlying… Read More