Why fitness is medicine, and you should learn about Fasting Mimicking Exercise (FME)

Dr Richard Babor, a cancer surgeon, and his new TV show “How not to get cancer” attracted loads of attention. There was some negative reaction because people felt they were being unfairly blamed for getting cancer, because poor lifestyle was pinned as a major cause of cancer. I doubt that was the intention of the show. In fact, Dr Babor clearly started in the intro that “it’s no one’s fault personally” and this is an important point. But it is a big public health issue. No one wants cancer, and we want… Read More

What is LCHF anyway?

In the next few posts I’m going to spend time on the basics of LCHF, not the hardcore science of nutrition.  There’s plenty more of that to come again soon. I’m starting with our view of what the Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle is all about (and why you’d do it). Here’s our “Skinny version” by me, Prof Grant Schofield – aka The Fat Professor, Dr Caryn Zinn – the Whole Food Dietitian, and Craig Rodger – the LCHF Chef). Together we are the authors of the (coming soon) complete  how to guide and cookbook on LCHF living… Read More

All That Fat – A Guide for the Perplexed

By George Henderson, a member of the Human Potential Centre Research team at AUT University  An updated version of this post is available in PDF “All That Fat” – Factors influencing the choice of fats in a high fat diet; A Guide for the Perplexed for your use as you see fit This blog is a bit longer than usual, and a little more science focused than usual. Its aimed to help you understand where the talk about fat and health comes from, and where the field is moving. The question I hear most often… Read More

The real food guidelines

It’s a food fight. The time has finally come where a deep and important line needs to be drawn in the sand.  No more throwing bad science and bad advice around.  Stop! The “food pyramid” guidelines are still alive (and well?) in New Zealand (see here). They are outdated, old school and quite simply wrong. Recently they were up for review… Unfortunately, they came back more or less the same – saturated fat and fats in general are bad for us ….blah blah blah. So our team felt we had to put… Read More

LCHF success, but will protein kill me?

Here’s a great letter about LCHF success but with an important question. I hope you enjoy Norman’s story – it’s a nice one about improved weight, energy and health.  Great blood results, but some concern about protein. In fact, its been a big week for protein.  The story about two research papers lead to headlines like “High protein as bad as smoking” (see detailed comments I’ve made at the end of this blog). So today we’ll look at Norman’s story, and think about the role of protein. Hi Grant, Following the recent… Read More

Dr Caryn Zinn talks LCHF and dietetics – a must watch

This is an outstanding 15 min presentation by our own Dr Caryn Zinn, Registered Dietician, about her growth , development, practice and ethics of LCHF practice.  Recorded at the recent Low Carb Down Under conference in Auckland, she is the first of the videos released. Enjoy.  Send this to your dietician friends (and even the ones who are not friends!). Click here or below.

Fat phobia…get over it and eat more

I’ve just finished a series of nutrition workshops with my team Dr Caryn Zinn (dietician), Dr Mikki Williden (nutritionist) and Julia McPhee (low carb cook). We ran workshops on low carb high fat for the public, health and fitness professionals, and athletes. It’s all interesting and motivating, but one thing was obvious to me. There still exists a widespread fear of fat. That’s right, in my opinion, the number one barrier to the successful implementation of a whole food low carb diet is the fear of fat. The trouble is when you… Read More

LCHF Seminar now on YouTube!

In October we had planned a seminar on the Low Carb High Fat approach, which was so well received that we decided to hold another one only two weeks later. Many of you have already asked for the video for those who couldn’t attend or would like to watch it again. And here it is: 

NZ’s health leaders respond to our research publicity: Saturated fat…its bad, low carb radical and unsafe

It was no surprise to see this one coming.  A perfect storm for the old powers that be in New Zealand obesity research and practice. The BMJ paper on why we got the saturated fat thing wrong, the ABC Catalyst series, and me out and about in the media talking about low carb high fat. I just noticed another one the NZ Herald just now by a NZ dietitian. Looks like I (and those associated with me, sorry everyone) are now officially on the outer after this press release today (see this Experts decry fat… Read More

Low-carbohydrate diets for athletes.

LOW-CARBOHYDRATE DIETS FOR ATHLETES In this presentation from the NSCA’s 2013 Personal Trainer Conference, Alan Aragon and Jeff Volek discuss low-carbohydrate diets for athletes.  It has quite a bit of science and is an hour, but its a great little talk with some good information. Watch the video