Who cares about what humans have eaten in the past?

After a big week in Australia and New Zealand talking about fat and cholesterol, things are settling down a bit.  As we all draw a collective breath, I have been reflecting on a few things.  One thing that struck me was the immediate objection of my position on the study of human food in the context of evolutionary biology.  Dr Lisa Te Morenga commented immediately on my blog site after my post laying out some logic and evidence for higher fat lower carb diets. Lisa and I have talked about my approach a bit… Read More

Does carb burning age you?

Grant was out for his weekly hill ride with his old mate Stephen. Stephen was now in his nineties and Grant just about to turn 90. The day was sunny and warm. At halfway, they stopped and had a coffee and talked about their grandchildren, each showing off a bit to the other. On the last high hill Grant took off and lead out a sprint. It was all good until just as they hit the top, Grant felt a sudden pain in his chest and dropped dead. Stephen, after a lifetime… Read More

Be the best you can be

(pic: the entrance to AUT Millenium where I work) I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite some time now. The trick is to get the technical skills together well enough to actually know how to run one and do it regularly. Well, I’m just about there. What will I blog about? I am really interested in the science of how we can be the best we can be. This crosses disciplines such as biology, medicine, pubic health, and productivity management. The cornerstones are nutrition, exercise, sleep, neuroscience, psychology and well-being. I’ll… Read More