What the fat? is now avail;able!  A beautiful 300 page coffee table practical guide, recipes, and me translating the science to simple terms. We are so proud of this. Click the cover below for the www site, its only $NZ40 – so really the best food book deal out there.


Prof Grant Schofield and Wayne "Buck" Shelford

Grant, along with All Black legend Buck Shelford,  is the author of “Buck Up, the real bloke’s guide to getting healthy and living longer

Now available on Amazon in kindle form

All Black legend Buck Shelford was the epitome of brute strength, determination and athletic prowess. It was a shock to New Zealand sports fans, then, when he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2005, which he subsequently overcame with treatment. More recently, after a public battle with his weight, Buck successfully shed over 25 kilos.

Accessible and user-friendly, Buck Up draws on Buck’s personal experience with health issues, but goes far beyond – along with highly regarded sports scientist Dr Grant Schofield, Buck offers a wide array of information and realistic tips to improve the quality of life of Kiwi males and their loved ones.

A book full of big ideas and practical advice, as well as a good dose of blokey humour, Buck Up promises to positively alter awareness of and approaches to men’s health, for both everyday males and practitioners.

New books

  1. Real weight loss for blokes
  2. The 6 health myths where the opposite of covention is true


  1. Just start, like anything it won’t happen unless yu start, simple as that!

  2. Is there a female equivalent book? Or is it not gender specific?

  3. Margaret · · Reply

    Hi Grant. I’m an enthusiastic follower of LCHF and your blog. My son and I are always in conflict about LCHF. He’s a very fit psychologist who wants to see hard scientific evidence that LCHF is the right kind of diet for us as opposed to the ‘prudent diet’ we’ve all been fed for the last 40 odd years. Are you able to give me some links to research that I can pass on to him?

  4. Cynthia Moran · · Reply

    is there a guide book specifically for females ? thanks Cindy

  5. Hi Grant ,the husband and I bought your book ‘what the fat’ just around Christmas and have been following your eating guild , with swimming every second day ,plus I do spin class 2x times a week.Now this husband of mine has lost 9kgsand I have lost basically nothing! Why is this ?What f… Is going on ,I feel better but no weight loss.Please can you you help 😦
    Regards Jayne

    1. YEs we see this male-female difference quite a bit. And I guess its less fun being the one who shows no change. What are you restricting your carbs to? And will you consider the odd fasting day – you still have to get overall calories down

  6. Hi Grant,many thanks for your reply ,this is what we are eating .
    BF:blueberries(half cup ) ,greek yoghurt few nuts and seeds
    Lunch:omelet 2eggs,spinch ,half tomato ,sprinkle Parmesan cheese cooked in butter,husband has three eggs,or today had 2 poached eggs on poached spinch drizzled with good olive oil husband had three eggs (they are small eggs)4bits 70%dark chocolate husband 6to 8 bits
    Dinner:some sort of proten with veg .proten cooked in cocnut oil .veg are either raw salad ,stemed with bit of butter or roasted in cocnut oil.we don’t eat potatoes ,very seldom do we have kumara,no bread or wheat or biscuits,no booze ,no sugar ,do have fruit .have decafe coffee in morning with cream ,husband has green tea ,together we have rice cracker with cream cheese an tomato ,afternoon sack ,fruit with 6-8 almonds or something along those lines .we both drink green tea only ,apart for my mid morning decafe.
    After dinner the husband insists on having a very very large dollop whip cream (no sugar) with a bit of fruit (6 boysenberries) ,I have it as well with not as much cream.This plan has worked so well for the husband .I am 63years old he is only 56 yrs .Dont think I could physically do more than I do in a day as I have very recently been told I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I feel if I could lose 10 -20kgs life might improve.With the amount of food I comsume I don’t know where I could cut back .The husband is living the dream ,eating chocolate and cream and losing weight Is your book and eating plan design more for the male body.

    Looking for to your reply
    Regards Jayne ( and one skinny husband)

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