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Response to Freedhoff and Hall – the differences between diets do matter.

In the latest Lancet, Yoni Freedhoff and Kevin Hall have an opinion piece about diet trials, in which they argue that it’s not helpful to know that an ad lib low-carb diet results in more weight loss than a calorie-restricted low-fat “dietary guidelines” type diet, because the weight loss differences are not clinically significant, a […]

The “thrifty” gene found in Samoa and what it means

This (very technical) paper has made a big splash on the internet and in the media, not just in New Zealand but all around the world. A thrifty variant in CREBRF strongly influences body mass index in Samoans Ryan L Minster, Nicola L Hawley, Chi-Ting Su, Guangyun Sun, Erin E Kershaw, Hong Cheng, Olive D […]

Eating more saturated fats raises risk of early death; yeah, right.

Behold, a new diet-health observational paper appears! (What, this one, again?) There are two long term observational studies of diet and health that get more press coverage than all the others combined. New papers on these studies, which say the same things with minor variations, are published every few months in high-impact journals. The editors of […]

The timing of carbs in meals makes a diference!

  The spirit of science is not merely faith in the power of reason; it is also a belief that our problems may be simpler than they appear to be. – Colin Wilson, The Strength to Dream This recent pilot study is an example of good science for two reasons – it suggests that a […]

The new BMJ review of high cholesterol and mortality in the elderly

High cholesterol ‘does not cause heart disease’ new research finds, so treating with statins a ‘waste of time’ – or at least that’s the headline in the UK papers following the Just published paper in the BMJ . This, the latest study to question the established view that high cholesterol is always a bad thing, looked […]

UK charity comes out with LCHF Real Food Guidelines

A British charity called the National Obesity Forum, in association with the Public Health Coalition, is in the news today for attacking the low-fat dietary guidelines and food industry manipulation of science (in the UK known as the Eatwell Guide), and suggesting a way out of our growing public health crisis in this document. The […]

Let’s not diet like it’s 1999. How a Generation of nutritionists and dietitians was taught to make weight loss more difficult than it needs to be.

Diet advice is so varied today, and nutrition science is changing so fast, that it’s easy to forget how monolithic low-fat weight loss advice was only a few years ago. We recently discovered a US nutrition textbook from 1999. This book has a good claim to represent the orthodoxy. It contains the views of multiple […]

Will the Paleo diet increase heart disease again?

Grant Schofield and George Henderson On the same day that our low carb and diabetes paper was published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, a new analysis of the correlation between New Zealanders’ fat intakes and cholesterol levels from the public health epidemiology team at Otago University was published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal […]

More on mice, humans and diets for diabetes

By George Henderson and Grant Schofield (….gets technical, mainly due to George) There’s been a bit written about NZO mice and how they are used to understand the physiology of diabetes, and how dietary compositon works amongst it all. We wrote about it here. What are we to make of all of this moving forward? Animal experiments are […]

The Most Famous New Zealand Mice in the World

These are the most famous mice in the world right now. They are called New Zealand Obese mice, which is a bit on the nose considering that they were born in Australia and became obese eating Aussie chow, but no matter. The mice are famous because they belong to Son Andrikopoulos, who is the president […]

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