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Audio: Low Carb Healthy Fat for sports performance. World triathlon age champion Bevan McKinnon

I’ve witten a lot about fuelling for training and racing for sport performance, especially endurance, and most especially Ironman triathlon.  That’s what inspired What the Fat? Sport Performance, and several blogs about this guy: Bevan McKinnon and his sucess in using low carb healthy fat. He’s now the current Ironman 70.3 and Ironman Hawaii World […]

Australia’s response to the diabetes epidemic – shooting the messenger.

On the Sunday current affairs program in New Zealand there was a report on the diabetes epidemic in South Auckland. This is our largest (and growing) health problem, and two of the players in this tragedy had messages that stood out. An elderly woman, overweight and now condemned to thrice-weekly dialysis, told us “I didn’t do anything […]

Intro to low carb and fasting seminar

We are doing a seminar Sept 8th, AUT Millennium Auckland Presenters – me (Grant Schofield), dietician Dr Caryn Zinn, and Jimmy Moore all the way form the USA talking about his experiences with fasting. It’s definitely an intro night, so well suited to those just getitng into or supporting others getting into this lifestyle Limited […]

Our research published in the Lancet!

  The Lancet: People who live in activity-friendly neighbourhoods take up to 90mins more exercise per week (link to the full paper) We’ve been collecting data in my research team for almost 20 years now on how active people are, how that affects their health, and what helps them get more active. The direction we’ve taken […]

Very low-carbohydrate diets in the management of diabetes revisited

Just out –  our latest paper in the New Zealand Medical Journal – a review and viewpoint on low carb for diabetes. We’re just continuing to make the point that low carb eating is a very sensible way to go for people with diabetes. The outcomes are better. Here’s the abstract. Full text here ABSTRACT  […]

Sports nutrition session Wednesday March 16th

Reminder – myself, Dr Caryn Zinn and Olympian Tim Gudsell talking abbot teenage athletes and their parents.  This is shaping up as  great event. Don’t miss out. Date: Wednesday 16th March Time: 7.00pm – 8.45pm Location: Rosmini College Auditorium, Takapuna, Auckland Tickets: $10 buy online at Book now THE SCHOOL WILL ALSO YAKE CASH EFTPOS ON THE NIGHT […]

Peak performance nutrition evening for teenage athletes and parents – March 16

Peak performance nutrition is a seminar for teenage athletes and their parents. We will look at the science, the practice and the reality of trying to be awesome. We’ll cover how to eat enough, how to stay lean, how to have enough energy to be the best you can be, and how to get your […]

Sam the fat burner

Last Friday Sam Wallace, Television NZ’s roving weather man visited our lab to do his weather cross. We tested Sam lat least year and advised him on some serious dietary changes – cut out the carbs and eat more fat.  Train your body to become a fat burning machine. Or in science speak – “stress your brain […]

New Zealand becomes first country to specifically warn against low carb, paleo and intermittent fasting

Yes true, New Zealand released its new nutrition guidelines late last year. No real surprises in them.  Little improvement over the old ones really, as well as a few interesting things like the “four food groups“. In case you are wondering, these are vegetables and fruit, grains (at least 6 servings a day), low fat […]

Understanding glucagon (and somatostatin 28)

By Grant Schofield and George Henderson Say what? OK, we’re always on about insulin the so called “master hormone” that manages our blood sugar and fat burning . But hormones almost never act alone. There are more complex bits and pieces going on. Let’s look at two others involved the process – glucagon and somatostatin 28. Warning: […]

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