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38 Creative ‘Anything But A Backpack Day’ Ideas

Seeing the same old backpacks every year can make anyone feel bored. Whether you’re looking for unique Anything But A Backpack Day ideas for your school’s event or simply want to stand out, you’ve come to the right place.

This collection of one-of-a-kind Anything But A Backpack Day ideas can help inspire you. Check out our list that contains unique yet easy-to-attempt ideas anyone can try!

What Is ‘Anything But A Backpack’ Day?

Anything But A Backpack

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Anything But A Backpack Day is an annual event celebrated at some high schools. On this fun day, students are required to carry their school supplies in anything other than a backpack – they can be as creative as they want!

38 Anything But A Backpack Day Ideas

Show off your creativity and do some fun DIY at home with these fun ideas:

1. Pedal Car

Pedal Car

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Pedal cars, power wheels, or ride-in cars will grab attention as you walk down the school hallways. You can try to get one with a storage bin to hold your books and notebooks, or get one that’s big enough to ride, too!

2. Umbrella


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Using an umbrella as a backpack alternative is fun and quite simple. Just turn the umbrella upside down and put your school supplies inside.

3. Tool Belt

Tool Belt

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You can fashion a tool belt for your pens and pencils. Put notebooks in the pockets and carry around your school supplies hands-free.

4. Hat


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Look for a large enough hat to fit all of your things. You can fashion a strap to carry the hat more easily.

5. Toy Truck

Toy Truck

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Toy trucks, tractors, and RVs are fun options that you can pull around school all day long. You can indulge in the nostalgia of playing with these toys when you were much younger.

6. Cooler


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You can also use a cooler – it easily stores all your school supplies and should be easy to pull around the corridors.

7. Skateboard


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Do you often take your skateboard to school? Why not use it as a backpack this time? Make sure to strap your supplies on it tightly so they don’t fall off.

8. Stroller


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Do you have a baby stroller at home? Simply stack your books, notebooks, and pens in it and push it around the school for a day – it’s a fun and simple not-a-backpack idea!

9. Wheeled Desk Chair

Desk Chair

Image source: Pinterest

Using a wheeled desk chair to carry school supplies is a unique idea that very few will likely come up with, and even fewer will follow through on. Not only will you be able to push the chair around easily, but you might even be able to sit on the chair in the classroom for a refreshing change.

10. Cooking Pot

Cooking Pot

Image source: Pinterest

Look for a cooking pot at home that’s large enough to carry your school supplies. You can put a towel in the pot so you don’t scratch the insides and damage it.

11. Pizza Box

Pizza Box

Image source: Pinterest

If a cooking pot from home is off-limits, a pizza box is another great food-related option. You’ll just need to find one that’s mostly clean and in decent condition. Then, you can indulge your pizza craving at the end of a fun day of school shenanigans!

12. Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf

Image source: Pinterest

You can grab a hanging shelf for your notebooks and pens. The best part is that you can simply hang the entire shelf off your desk during class. If you have shelves with fun designs, choose that one to bring to school.

13. Plant Pot

Plant Pot

Image source: Pinterest

A medium-sized, sturdy, plastic plant pot can accommodate your school essentials for the day. Just make sure it’s the right size and that you can carry it around easily.

14. Wheelbarrow


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Change the scenery by using a wheelbarrow to bring your things from one classroom to another. It’s a great option if your books are quite heavy – it’s undoubtedly a sturdy backpack alternative.

15. Tennis Racket Cover

Tennis Racket Cover

Image source: Pinterest

Leave your tennis racket at home and bring its cover as your makeshift backpack to school. It’s quite spacious and comes with a handle for easy carrying. Just make sure it can support the weight of everything you want to bring.

16. Bread Box

Bread Box

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re a bread lover, express your affinity for it by bringing your school supplies in a bread box. It may not be the easiest to carry, but the day is all about making a statement.

17. Plastic Milk Crate

Plastic Milk Crate

Image source: Pinterest

Plastic milk crates might not be the most convenient alternative for a backpack, but they can carry all your school supplies. Some even have dividers so you can organize things within the crate. They have handles, so you won’t have trouble walking down the halls between classes.

18. Empty Paint Can

Empty Paint Can

Image source: Pinterest

You can look through those empty paint cans in your garage and pick out the sturdiest one to use as a one-of-a-kind bucket carriage.

19. Dog Carrier

Dog Carrier

Image source: Pinterest

Do you have too many books? A dog carrier, once thoroughly cleaned, can carry just about anything you can fit in a standard backpack. It is easy to carry and is fully enclosed, so you can secure your supplies and keep them from falling out.

20. Shoe Organizer with Pockets

Shoe Organizer

Image source: Pinterest

A shoe organizer with pockets gives you plenty of space to carry your school things. Again, this backpack alternative has a handle, so you can hoist it on your shoulder and take all your belongings to class.

21. Bird Cage

Bird Cage

Image source: Pinterest

If you have an old birdcage, you only need to clean it thoroughly to create a one-of-a-kind non-backpack.

22. Plastic Drawer on Wheels

Plastic Drawer

Image source: Pinterest

If you prefer to keep your school supplies and books in an orderly fashion, this is the perfect solution for you. Plastic drawers with wheels are easy to roll behind you. You’ll have all the compartments you need for your pens, notebooks, books, and other accessories.

23. Traffic Cone

Traffic Cone

Image source: Pinterest

Make a striking entrance every time you enter a classroom by carrying these bright orange cones in your hands. While they’ll be a bit tricky to bring everywhere, they can store quite a lot of items when held upside down.

24. Guitar Case

Guitar Case

Image source: Pinterest

A guitar case is a smart and convenient backpack alternative that you can bring to school. It is light, spacious, easy to carry, and will undoubtedly stand out.

25. Mop Bucket

Mop Bucket

Image source: Pinterest

Once you’ve cleaned them thoroughly, mop buckets can carry pretty much all your school supplies, books, and binders. If you can’t find one at home, you can borrow one from a neighbor or even from the cleaning staff at your school.

26. Printer Cart

Printer Cart

Image source: Pinterest

A printer or office supply cart can easily turn into a rolling backpack. It is an excellent option for organizing your books and supplies for the day.

27. Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Image source: Pinterest

Wicker baskets are great for storage and make for unique alternatives for a backpack. Carefully consider the amount of weight the basket can carry so you don’t damage it.

28. Sled


Image source: Pinterest

Take out your winter sled and turn it into a rolling container for your belongings. It can easily support the weight of your books and isn’t too heavy, either.

29. Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder

Image source: Pinterest

A magazine holder of the right size can be a unique yet practical not-a-backpack.

30. Fishing Net

Fishing Net

Image source: Pinterest

To truly stand out from the crowd, hoist your school things in a fishing net. It has a unique coastal vibe that goes with the celebratory theme. Remember to practice caution when walking through the corridors, as some of your pens or smaller accessories can slip through the net.

31. Kayak


Image source: Pinterest

Make your day at school a fun adventure by bringing a kayak as a backpack alternative. If you’re up for it, you can also ask your friends to help you steer the vessel to class.

32. Microwave


Image source: Pinterest

If you have no problem lifting a microwave and carrying it around school, why not use it as a backpack? It’s a novel idea and hilarious, too. Plus, you can just about fit all your school supplies in it. Just make sure you clean the microwave first!

33. Towel Tote

Towel Tote

Image source: Pinterest

Thinking of making a bag from something completely different? Make a towel tote by securing two edges of a large towel. It is very simple, easy to carry, and can hold a lot of your school things.

34. Pillowcase


Image source: Pinterest

If you don’t have the time, tools, or energy to be too creative, simply make a pillowcase into a haphazard bag. You can hoist the pillowcase over your shoulder or carry it in your arms. Choose a funny or cool design that will get everybody’s attention.

35. Shoulder Strap

Shoulder Strap

Image source: Pinterest

If you want to put in more effort, wrap shoulder straps around your books to secure them and carry them around the school.

36. Playpen


Image source: Pinterest

Want to give your classmates a good laugh? Try bringing a playpen to school. It is spacious and will surely make a statement. Better yet, find one with wheels to push around easily.

37. Carry-On Suitcase

Carry-On Suitcase

Image source: Pinterest

A carry-on suitcase is an obvious alternative to a backpack. Rolling one around your school corridors has a fun, professional vibe.

38. Toolbox


Image source: Pinterest

Empty out a toolbox from your garage and fill it with school supplies instead. It’s a practical yet one-of-a-kind choice that will surely make an impact.

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