Aseem Malhotra’s talk to the UK parliament

This is well worth the watch. Some NZ twists in here from our team and the battles going on (see the last post for more on the spoiler plays against low carb and diabetes reversal coming out of NZ that were mentioned by Aseem)

4 Comments on “Aseem Malhotra’s talk to the UK parliament

  1. Great presentation.
    I hope he does not give up.
    The establishment is fighting back hard though as the Daily Mail in the UK has emailed Assem Malhotra,Zoe Harcombe,and Dr Malcolm Kendrick last week basically saying they are about to publish yet another attack on their credibility and would they care to comment.

  2. Saw this last night on Facebook and thought it was amazing and was left wondering where the road blocker is for Prof Mann!

  3. Having just watched the TV1 program, “How not to get cancer” presented by bariatric surgeon, Dr Richard Babor, I find it disappointing that there is still so much confusion being disseminated to the general public by “experts”. He goes on a 5-day limited calorie fast, and what does he eat during those 5 days? Who knows, it all came out of packets. And then he breaks his fast with? You guessed it, bread. Please would you approach such influential doctors and educate them in the LCHF and Ketogenic Diet

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