Science in a minute: Which diets work for who?

SCIENCE IN A MINUTE@Caryn Zinn Nutrition reviews the latest Lifestyle Medicine research released two weeks ago in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on weight-loss maintenance.

Which diet works best for maintaining weight loss? Find out…

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3 Comments on “Science in a minute: Which diets work for who?

  1. Hi Grant,
    I came to LCHF because I have problems with IBS and the LCHF approach is complementary to a FODMAP diet.
    I read your What’s the Fat book with interest. While I was experimenting with my diet I eliminated dairy for 6 weeks. My weight didn’t change (my BMI is around 19) but my body fat doubled (from around 10 to 20) according to my electronic scales.
    This seems consistent with the message in your book that dairy fats actually reduces body fat.
    My dietitian at the time dismissed this finding as an anomaly. However, I thought that this might be an interesting finding that you may already be aware of or may be able to qualify in research.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Thanks Martin. I’d say it’s unusual!
      The evidence we’ve seen says that adding dairy to the diet, with no other change, increases BMI, as you might expect, but that full-fat dairy increases BMI less than low-fat dairy.

      • Thank you. That’s very interesting.

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