Our health system is awesome at fixing up sickness, if I have an accident or get an infectious disease, get ear ache or a sore tooth, then it’s good to know that we have world class medical professionals and a system to deal with all of that.

But, let’s face it, our health system is not so awesome at preventing us getting sick, and providing us with the tools to have a great life where we are the best we can be.

Let’s face it, we spend billions on sickness and very little on health.

Let’s face it, we need to change medicine.

I’m a big fan of what has been achieved in medicine. We stand on the shoulders of giants in so many ways – Louis Pasteur, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, Joseph Lister, Otto Warburg, Watson and Cricks….

We’ve come so far, but each change has been painful and slow.

It took more than 50 years to move on the evidence that smoking kills to doing something about it. It took about the same time for the evidence that asbestos caused lung cancer to doing something about it. Also, in 1846, Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis found that hand washing after autopsy of dead mothers reduced neonatal death from sepsis 9-fold. He never got to see his breakthrough as he was ostracised, institutionalised, and in a twist of fate died himself of sepsis.

The time has come for change. Nutrition as medicine is a no brainer. The evidence is already there.

What’s different this time is that we have the crowd. Just like the consumer is demanding a change in regard to single-use plastic bags so to is the consumer now beginning to ask for change in the medical arena. We expect our doctors to understand nutrition and lifestyle medicine. So #letschangemedicine. We don’t have to wait for another 50 years.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Watch this TedX talk on the video below – just out by NZ researcher Julia Rucklidge on nutrition and mental health. It’s a game changer.

Step 2: Start making a noise yourself. People want to listen, they will follow!

Step 3: Stand by, we’ve got some bigger announcements coming in the next couple of weeks about how we are going to contribute to #letschangemedicine







Author: Prof. Grant Schofield

I am Grant Schofield, Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and director of the university's Human Potential Centre (HPC) located at the Millennium Campus in Auckland, New Zealand. My research and teaching interests are in wellbeing and chronic disease prevention especially reducing the risk and eventual mortality and morbidity from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. I live by the motto "be the best you can be" and have a strong commitment to peak performance in which I also do consulting work. I’ve been interested in human health and performance for my whole career. I started in psychology, went into sport and exercise psychology, then into public health, especially physical activity, then obesity. There have been some twists and turns along the way, which are the reasons for why I do what I do – you can read about those in my first blog entry. I want to know how we can be the best we can be. This crosses disciplines such as biology, medicine, pubic health, and productivity management. The cornerstones are nutrition, exercise, sleep, neuroscience, psychology and wellbeing. In my blog, I cover these topics under the broad heading of the Science of Human Potential.

2 thoughts on “#letschangemedicine”

  1. Wow! That Ted talk was an eye-opener. Going to share online with all who might listen and watch it. Thanks for sharing all the good stuff.


    Linda Denty

    On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 7:03 AM, The Science of Human Potential wrote:

    > Prof. Grant Schofield posted: “Our health system is awesome at fixing up > sickness, or at least a little bit awesome. Let’s face it, our health > system is not so awesome at preventing us getting sick, and providing us > with the tools to have a great life where we are at our physical and” >

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