The fat emperor again

Ivor Cummings latest talk is worth a watch. He basically does my entire third year “Lifestyle Disease” class in a single lecture. So you can save taking that and just watch this.

I don’t buy the whole “you have to be an engineer to have a problem solving brain” line Ivor.  I’ve heard enough of that from my Dad over the years, who is also an engineer.  True though, they are both good problem solvers.

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  1. Hi Grant,

    I’ve just watched Ivor’s talk and here I am at 74 with a ‘low cholesterol’ but when I had an angiogram they found my heart arteries full of cholesterol! I queried the cholesterol findings and was informed that it is genetic (yes, heart disease in the family) and there is nothing I can do about it.” No diet will help but if your symptoms get worse we will look at a bypass”. They couldn’t put stents in because of the location of the calcifications so I am sent home to…. what?

    I am now trying low carb but wondering if there is any help I can find from you or if there are any studies or programmes I can join. I am determined to better my health – and prove the ‘experts’ wrong.

    Plus, I have a life to live – as long as possible. My father, two brothers all died in their 60s. One brother left with stents and then there’s me, I wish to break the family tradition.

    Can you please suggest a plan of attack?


    Beverley Gomez.

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