Audio interview (with me) on ketovangelist



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3 Comments on “Audio interview (with me) on ketovangelist

  1. Just listened to your talk with Brian. It was brilliant! I just love the NZ humour meeting the American standard English. However, the serious message you send is staggering. To hear the funding you have lost, and the hardship you face through ‘bullying’ and no doubt both subtle and not so subtle pressure must be immense. On the positive side, it must be unbelievably satisfying to see your hard work finally gaining some traction. This is noticeable anecdotally from those around me now, so much more than even two years ago. I love both your books and, I am sure, I am now one of many who greatly appreciate all that you and your team are doing.

  2. Any intention to release your Sports Performance book as hard copy?

  3. Grant this is excellent stuff. As a fellow kiwi, I really love the dedication you are making to all of this. I have only just discovered this and purchased your What the Fat? book a few days ago. I and T1D and already after 5 days my blood glucose is stable, after never being stable before. Down to less than 1 unit of meal insulin a day, and cut 2 units off my long acting. Feeling good.

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