What the Fat? E book now available and more “What the Fat?” titles on the way!


It’s taken a while but What the Fat? is now out in E book on Amazon click here for the E book – What the Fat? Fat’s IN, Sugar’s OUT.

The full colour coffee table version is still available in most New Zealand book retailers and on the www site with free shipping in Australia and NZ:  click here

In other news – we are working really hard on a What the Fat? Sports Performance which is the complete how to guide for getting leaner, fitter and faster on Low Carb Healthy Fat. Stay tuned for a pre-Xmas release of the E book first then the full colour version post–Xams.

We are also right into What the Fat? Families which will be out for May 2016.

Thanks everyone for all your support in our mission to help flip the food pyramid and change the world with What the Fat?


6 Comments on “What the Fat? E book now available and more “What the Fat?” titles on the way!

  1. This is awesome news Grant! We can get the book in Doha now . Also…. next book idea: “What the Fat? Pregnancy” . From someone who just had a baby..I was curious about managing this while pregnant and ‘the does and don’ts’ for baby health pre and post natal…..

  2. I have clicked on, and am on Kindle site, but however hard I try I cannot find a BUY icon?
    I already have the coffee table book, but would like the e book, fo easy reference.

    Dr Karla McKinlay
    70 Queen Street
    Maffra VIC 3860
    +61 (0) 418518066
    +61 (0) 3 5141 1373


  3. Sorry got it by going direct to Kindle Website. Your link did not work. Thanks.

    Dr Karla McKinlay
    70 Queen Street
    Maffra VIC 3860
    +61 (0) 418518066
    +61 (0) 3 5141 1373


  4. Thanks for leading the way in re-educating us Grant. Changing to a LCHF approach has increased my performance – both in my everyday life and as an athlete.

    And I love the fact you are calling it “low carb healthy fats” rather than lots of others calling it high fat – given our previous brainwashing on fats, this will make it easier as a coach, to convince people to give it a try.

  5. Hi Prof. Grant,

    I’m doing an article called “5 Top Low-Carb Bloggers, Share Their Favorite Dish” and I need 1 more! Would you be willing to share what your favourite go to dish is with a link back to your blog? You could simply copy and paste a link to send to me, which would take you 1 min. and then I can expand on it, or you could write whatever you’d like for me to post to my readers to drive traffic back to your site. My niche is Moms wanting to lose weight after baby ages 24-48. I Get about 100K Unique visits/mo. have 9500+ Twitter follower, and my other platforms have 1600+ followers and are going about 100/week. I only launched 4 months ago so it’s growing fast.
    Of course I will credit back to you with whatever links you provide me to drive more traffic to your site. Please let me know if that works for you.

    Here are my Pinterest boards to see our pin: https://www.pinterest.com/4HourBody/
    Here’s my website to check out the article: http://www.4hourbodygirl.com

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