Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland Low carb healthy fat annual lecture/seminar dates

Skinny on LCHF

We’ve extended our annual “State of the nation LCHF” sessions to Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland this year.

The Auckland event has been way oversubscribed the last few years, so here’s the chance for us to more of the latest research and practice in the low carb world all around New Zealand.

Here’ the blurb “Join the leaders in the field for a thought provoking and information packed two hours of the latest research and practice in low carb healthy fat eating. Professor Schofield will look at the latest science around fat, health and performance. Dr Zinn will look at the practical realities of managing the LCHF lifestyle.”

There will be plenty of time for discussion and questions. Don’t miss out, space is limited.

The Wellington event is soon – so please get in quick. Register here



Makaro-Gallery, Te Raukura , 15 Jervois Quay


Sumner School, Colenso St, Sumner


AUT Millennium , 17 Antares Pl, Mairangi Bay

Event flyer click here

Register here

Author: Prof. Grant Schofield

I am Grant Schofield, Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology and director of the university's Human Potential Centre (HPC) located at the Millennium Campus in Auckland, New Zealand. My research and teaching interests are in wellbeing and chronic disease prevention especially reducing the risk and eventual mortality and morbidity from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. I live by the motto "be the best you can be" and have a strong commitment to peak performance in which I also do consulting work. I’ve been interested in human health and performance for my whole career. I started in psychology, went into sport and exercise psychology, then into public health, especially physical activity, then obesity. There have been some twists and turns along the way, which are the reasons for why I do what I do – you can read about those in my first blog entry. I want to know how we can be the best we can be. This crosses disciplines such as biology, medicine, pubic health, and productivity management. The cornerstones are nutrition, exercise, sleep, neuroscience, psychology and wellbeing. In my blog, I cover these topics under the broad heading of the Science of Human Potential.

8 thoughts on “Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland Low carb healthy fat annual lecture/seminar dates”

  1. Hi,

    I’m in Sydney Australia, but cannot attend the event in NZ. Will the conference be on live stream? Or uploaded onto YouTube later?

  2. Hi Grant, I registered and paid for this (Christchurch) event back in September but haven’t received any tickets or information about the event. Have I missed something here? Jill.

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