What the fat? book sold out in a few weeks


What The Fat? – our beautiful 300 page whole food LCHF go-to-guide …

We made it available online on June 5th, we launched it officially on June 15th, we sold out today July 7th.

First, thanks to everyone who has gotten on board, the response has been overwhelming. We expected the first print run to last a little longer. However…We have ordered a second print run, which will be ready for purchase again in mid-August.

What to do if you want to get What The Fat?

  1. You can pre-order a copy online at www.whatthefatbook.com
  2. You can purchase a copy from one of our retail network in NZ and Australia that still has copies. This includes
  • In New Zealand
    • Loop Dining 462 New North Rd, Kingsland
    • Most Paper Plus stores around NZ
    • Whitcoulls throughout NZ
    • FRENZ café, AUT Millennium, Antares Place, Mairangi Bay
    • AUT Sport and Fitness Centres, Akoranga, City, and South
    • FlexaClinic, 160 Lake Road, Northcote
    • Boric food Market 1404 Coatesville-Riverhead Hwy, Kumeu
  • In Australia

o   Low Carb Down Under store www.lowcarbdownunder.com.au/product-category/books/

We also plan to have an e-book (plain text) available on Amazon very soon. Stand by for more information.

Thanks so much for your support and patience!


8 Comments on “What the fat? book sold out in a few weeks

  1. I ordered my book several weeks ago ant it hasn’t arrived yet. What’s the story there?

  2. I dont digest fats to well (no gallbadder) and it took many years for me to realize what my problem was with my stomach always gurgling, bloating and pasty stools and constant hunger. I tried low carbs diets several times only to suffere severe stomach problems and low blood sugar episodes that made want to pull my hair out!

  3. I have just received my annual Blood Test results…my Blood Sugar profile is 43 mmol/mol H, (not 41)…the nurse termed this result as pre diabetic…I have just ordered your book “What The Fat”. I hope to reduce this result by learning more and more about the LCHF nutritional way of eating. My great thanks to you all.

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