19 kg down in 6 months by eating lots of fat

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Here’s a friend of mine Brendan Blanchard. Six months ago he was what he describes as a “fat boy” at around 110 kg.  He is a big strength guy involved in power lifting and therefore works out quite a lot.  Even so, a bit of post-pregnancy stress and a second child on he way lead to him gradually getting bigger and bigger.

I eventually convinced him to try LCHF – six months later – he’s now 91 kg. That’s 19 kgs of weight loss and he’s looking and feeling awesome.

“If anything, I am eating more than I used to” he says “I only feel a bit gutted I took this long to figure out the effect low fat high carbs was having on me.  It seems obvious now.  I’m feeling full and energised, and I’m actually in shape. It’s awesome!”.

Go Brendan.


15 Comments on “19 kg down in 6 months by eating lots of fat

  1. I’ve lost around 7 kgs in 4 months but seem to have hit a lull – stories like this whislt inspiring are equally personally frustrating – how has he done it? is exercise a key part?

      • Thanks Grant – I think my main hurdle is trying to get more fat in – and sometimes the idea of eating more high/healthy fat at breakfast is not that appealing. It still feels a bit counter-cultural but I’ve been reading a book “Death by Food Pyramid” which is quite illuminating!

  2. Good bit in the Dom Post this morning about what everyone is eating for breakfast – no grainola for Grant – yes! I’m aghast at what the heart foundation guy is feeding his kids – budget trim milk.

  3. I too was 126kgs and down to 107kgs solid with high protein + fats all cooked in coconut oil with minimal carb intake. To be able to each short cut bacon, eggs, steaks, chicken, seafood, etc makes my taste buds happy and works perfectly for Gym when doing 50/50 cardio/weight training! 🙂

  4. I too am currently 91kg after being 115 odd kg. Low carb really is working well for me. Having said that, I was lighter doing the recommended Heart Diet from a similar starting weight but I worked out like a madman to maintain the loss. I also went on to have three heart attacks after that!!! . I’ve been doing low carb paleo style eating for three years now and my weight is pretty stable and am active surfing and skiing. It isn’t a cure for my disease but it ain’t killing me either…I hope lol.

  5. Okay I suffer from this rule, when is fat too much fat I look at it from this perspective of calorie rich/dense am I wrong in saying that fatty foods are higher in calories thus require more effort to burn of. Given the choice of 100g of a protein source say Fish, Lean Mince Meat & Pork Belly I would opt for the Lean Mince over the Pork Belly believing it to be of a lower calorie for 100g than Pork and Fish last due to that fact I will stay fuller on a fattier protein and help me keep at the 12h meal points?

    Rule 4: Make fat your friend

    Sugar is out, total carbs are low, protein is moderate, and, because you have to get your energy from somewhere, fat is in. We will show you how to overcome “fat phobia”.

    • Fat is twice as calorie dense but doesn’t interfere with the satiety signals through insulin that excess protein (to some extent) and carbs do. So fat fills you up is the general idea without raising insulin.

      • What about the calorie question though Grant and burning it off?

  6. Thanks Grant & Bryce. This is the burning debate that a few of us are having, I get the theory & mechanics but if we put life style aside for a second and looked at a weight loss phase surly the example of the protein based above, slightly less fat based would be ideal/optimal?

  7. Can one eat too much fat (for a female in 40ties) – is there a “limit” to how much one can eat. I see so many post on fat does not make you fat??

    • Of cours en the end too many calories is by definition a problem. The point is that fat calories fill you up and do not disrupt your hunger mechanisms

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