The 10 rules of Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) eating


In anticipation of the release of “What the Fat? Fat’s IN, Sugar’s OUT” – due in May, we are releasing our 10 rules.  Below is the “skinny” (quick read) version.  Enjoy.

Rule 1: Go low “HI”

Replace processed foods with stuff that was recently alive – foods low in the Human Interference (HI) factor. Real, actual food is the foundation of the LCHF lifestyle.

Rule 2: Cut the carbs (down…not out)

Sugar and grains are not good for you (yes, that means bread, even if it is wholegrain). Just how low you go depends on your personal tolerance to carbs, or degree of insulin resistance.

Rule 3: Virtuous vegetables

Vegetables are good for you. Eat lots of them, at each meal if possible. The good news is you can add fats such as olive oil or butter to make them taste even better.

Rule 4: Make fat your friend

Sugar is out, total carbs are low, protein is moderate, and, because you have to get your energy from somewhere, fat is in. We will show you how to overcome “fat phobia”.

Rule 5: Put protein in its place

You need protein for life, but once you have more than your body needs, it gets converted into sugars by the liver. LCHF is not a high-protein diet. Many people stall in their progress because they are overdoing the protein.

Rule 6: Eat on cue

The whole point of LCHF is that your body will now be able to send and receive the messages it needs to stay in shape, to tell you when you are full, and to energise you. So listen to your body!

Rule 7: Sort your support

Other people matter. Surround yourself with helpers, ask for support, and don’t be afraid to request exactly what you want when you are out and about. Yes, it feels odd to order a burger without the bun the first time, but you will be amazed at how much people will help someone on a life mission.

Rule 8: Diligence, not effort

Relying on your “won’t power” (effort) – like avoiding the chocolate cookies in your pantry – is futile. Instead, rely on being organised and having a ready supply of the right foods around you (diligence) in the first place.

Rule 9: Adopt the “3-meal” rule

You, like us, are human. Humans make mistakes. We do, and we expect you will fall off the wagon. That’s OK as long as we can help you jump back on again. We run the 3-meal rule: there are 3 meals a day, 21 meals in a week. Let’s get most of them right, knowing that three meals off the wagon a week is OK.

Rule 10: It’s not JUST about the food

News flash from Dr Obvious: other things also affect your health – exercise, booze and cigarettes, drugs, stress, sleep, and much more. We will help you understand how these fit (or don’t fit) into the LCHF lifestyle.

23 Comments on “The 10 rules of Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) eating

    • The three meal rule isn’t about three meals a day. Its about allowing some flexibility in non-adherence – say three meals a week once you are fat adapted is OK without serious metabolic consequences

  1. I have a question and a comment.

    My husband is a Type 1 diabetic, this method of eating has been wonderful for him – it is not realistic to NEVER have a treat, a beer, pasta ever again. I appreciate your realistic approach to this that it is not the end of the world if you are eating whats right for you 95% of the time.

    My question is, when you do inevitably have a meal with wheat based carbs should you then have low fat? Or is it still better to have high good fats. For example I am partial to a slice of toast occasionally, am I better off having lashings of butter and melted cheese on bread or a cream based pasta sauce with avocado over a lower fat option?

    This is in regards to weight maintenance and heart health (or will the occasional high carb intake not impact on heart health if most of the time you are sticking to LCHF)

    Thanks 😀

    • Good stuff. The occasional high carb meal with or without fat isn’t an issue. The reality is that fat is good for satiation. So eating fat will mean less carbs eaten which is the main thing really. Some people would suggest that the occasional high carb meal will actually be good for weight maintenance, not sure about heart health as that research hasn’t been done (occasional cheat meal?).

      • Thank you.

        You have confirmed my assumption that having high fat with a high carb meal would lead to eating less overall.

  2. I am fat converted and on two meals a day, no problems, no hunger. dropped my weight from 90 kg to 70/73 kg and holding. fasting blood glucose 5.5 6.5 some times 7.00. No longer type two diabetic.

  3. How to overcome “fat phobia” is a big step in my league. Low Carb Healthy Fat Eating is a must try for me… Thanks!

  4. Yes,I agree! I have read books about fat and how it helps the body. Good thing is fat are not convertible to carbs but it could provide most of the energy you need to keep going. You nailed it! Thank you for sharing! I hope a lot of people will know these.

  5. My husband and I have recently started on LCHF however I fear that we are eating too much protein – How many grams of protein should you eat with each meal?

  6. Great book! Just a quick question re the protein -is it 1-1.3 grams per current body weight or is it per ideal body weight?

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  8. I have started the Lchf diet and have enjoyed it so fat my question is what can I drink ??
    I drink 8/10 glasses of water
    Black tea
    But like my coffee with milk
    If I drink the milk would that undo my progress so far and can I have a glass of red wine occasionally ?
    Any feed back would be appricated
    Regards Virginia

    Ps I’ve lost 1kg already and have been on it for 3 days I have about 20kgs to loose

    • Hi Virginia

      Are you a family member of the Hobbs family with the mum trying to find daughter?

    • Hi Virginia. How did this diet work out over time as I found my body lost the weight when it switched to a ketogenic state from the low carbs? My friend lost touch with a beloved daughter who had some background in the health/medical industry with a similiar name………..

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  10. I love your lchf food choices but was told I have to cut out all grains, legumes, seeds. I eat barley, lentils, pumpkin n sunflower seeds for fibre n to prevent constipation. Why are grains n seeds allowed in yr lchf but not other lchf diets?

  11. If I wanted to start this regime where would I start or how do I start?

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