Not just praying for good health


Picture of my husband, Randy Solares before and after

I received this picture and cool note a few weeks ago.  I’m not really the religious type myself, more of a scientist type.  But each to their own.  What I did love about this  story is these guys mobilising their church and starting a LCHF group “fittoserve” in it.  Way to go guys.  Don’t just pray for good health, but do LCHF too! 

——– From Hilda ————-

Thank you for allowing me to enter this giveaway. I have heard great things about these books [Volek an Phinney on its way to you now _ Grant]. I am submitting a success story with LCHF that involves you helping someone else.

In January of this year my husband and I started eating LCHF in an effort to get healthier. By April my husband was no longer a diabetic nor had high blood pressure. Our primary doctor took him off all his meds. He has lost over 45 lbs and is feeling better than he has in years. I too lost 20 lbs and my blood sugar and blood pressure went back to normal. I am at a healthy weight of 122. In addition, the chronic symptoms of fibromyalgia also have been greatly reduced.

Out of our success with eating this way, I started a cell group at my local church to help women on their journey to get healthy. I am happy to report that many ladies have begun to eat this way and a great percentage of our church is also on was birthed out of a need to support our cell group further. It’s my way of paying it forward.

We are not the same people today due to changing our diets and we are grateful to all those who have done all the research to get the message out.

Hilda Solares

Fit To Serve Group
(Grant note – also this guy looks remarkably like my father in law (in his before photo at least.  I ail show him tonight and show him what he could look like!! :))

One Comment on “Not just praying for good health

  1. Consider the possibility that being a “religious type” as well as a “scientific type” is not necessarily mutually exclusive. 😀

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