Mike’s letter – How I succeeded with LCHF

Hi Grant,
Im a tertiary manager in the lower part of the South Island, New Zealand selling a range of different products.  I had gained about12kg over the last 6 years and could not move it even with the exercise I was doing. On my way home from visiting my brother in Melbourne I was looking at pictures of me and my brother and could see we had this layer of fat all over us even though we fit so I decided to look into my eating and thats when I found you, I lost 13kg in 2 months on LFHC and so did my brother and his gym partners.
As my customers noticed the difference in my weight loss they started asking questions, I started sending them links to your emails and links etc, I got so busy sending them out I made a draft letter to make it easier to get the message out there to people, I have pasted the draft below to show you.
A lot of my customers has lost plenty of weight on LCHF, one lady in Twizel has lost 25kg, no exercise yet just change in diet, amazing change and the exercise will start soon as her knees adjust to the less strain they are under.
I love sharing the LCHF message as I know it really works.
Keep up the GREAT work Grant, all the best Mike
Mike’s “letter”
Hi,  The eating plan I have been on and a lot of my customers have also
had great success with it is called LCHF (Low Carb High Fat, the man I follow is Grant Schofield, watch the first video below, it last an hour but gives you a good run down on why it works so well, the second video is about the man who is right into Sugar Free which goes hand in hand with Grants ideas.
The first three weeks are the hardest you feel a bit crappy but after that you feel amazing. To give you an idea of my eating see below.
two egg omelet cooked in Butter with tomato, mushroom, red pepper or veggie filling etc, 3 Tablespoons of Rolled Oats microwaved then served with full Cream and
Golden Syrup to taste with a Coffee with Cream, I can last until 2pm on that then
think well I better have lunch now.
Salad with Lettuce, carrot, cheese, tomato, avocado, pepper etc with some sort
of protein and fruit.
Salad or Veggies, a protein cook in butter, Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, minimal carbs
Nuts, seeds etc, whole grain crackers, yoghurt, cheese etc no processed food.
Make sure you treat yourself once a week, it tastes so good when you have been
disciplined al week, I have KFC once a week and 2 toasted sandwiches on a Saturday
thats the only bread I eat all week.
 I hope this helps, the websites below are very useful, have a read.
Cheers Mike

2 Comments on “Mike’s letter – How I succeeded with LCHF

  1. I am very surprised.
    Why are rolled oats and even golden syrup are in the breakfast, together with all that cream? Please enlighten me.

  2. How is that sample diet even remotely close to LCHF?? Perhaps it’s better than what you were previously eating, but oatmeal, syrup, crackers, fruit, and yogurt are NOT LCHF. Congrats on the overall weight loss though!

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