After years of yoyo dieting and failures I went from 110+kg to 77kg and built muscle on a ketogenic diet in just 6 months

from18thbday to 21st

A while back I offered up some free copies of Volek and Phinnney’s “Art and Science of low carb living” for some of your stories.  Here’s the first of my top 4 over (also the book winners).  Well done, the books are in the mail.

Let’s kick of with Lawrence’s story – After years of yoyo dieting and failures I went from 110+kg to 77kg and built muscle on a ketogenic diet in just 6 months 

“From when I was about 15 years old I started trying to lose weight by just tracking my calories, cutting back on the fat and doing 1 hour of running per day, this normally lead to a little bit of weight loss then hunger would kick in and I would end up heavier than when I started. I tried many diets between the age of 15-20 and most followed the same pattern of losing some weight then putting it and more on. I eventually found the paleo diet and cut my carbs down to under 100g per day removed sugar, grains, sweets from my diet, I kept high fat dairy in and with in just a few months I lost a lot of weight. After further research and reading I came across the ketogenic diet, so I dropped my carbs to less than 35g per day, made sure I didn’t go over 140g of protein then ate fat till I was full, this gave me a boost and i started losing weight even faster and had more energy so I also decided to start lifting weights.”
“The photos above the one on the left I was about 110kg but I don’t have any photos from when I was even heavier due to hiding in my room and staying away from any cameras. On the right is at my 21st birthday where I weighed in at 77kg. The time between my heaviest and lightest was from July 2013 to January 2014. Since then I have just been focusing on gaining muscle in the gym, and yes you can gain muscle easily with a ketogenic diet ;)”
A little more form further conversations
Grant: “Thanks that’s great – so over your childhood and teneage years did you always have a bit of weight issue?
Lawrence “Yeah was a little chubby then as I went into my teen years I put on weight, then started trying to actively diet from the age of 15 which was a yoyo, I am not tall and I remember when I was 15 going from 85kg to 80kg being a big achievement to try and impress a girl. I am 163cm now when I was 15 most likely 140ish so you can see how I would have been very overweight by the time I was over 110kg at 163cm
Grant: “Awesome stuff”
Lawrence: “If you want I have other data as well I just remembered I should add:

  • Reduced Fasting Glucose and Fasting Insulin, Improved Cholesterol:
  • HDL: 0.9 to 1.66, Trigs 1.7 to 1.0
  • LDL still high but I ran I subfraction test and they were mainly in the largest particle size, Also the calculated LDL was fairly off, my direct measurement was 4.5mmol/l where as calculated was 5mmol/l
  • Fatty liver disease gone.
  • Psoriasis break outs reduced
  • Better digestion and no more constipation, bowel movements 1-2 times per day now, compared to at some points once every 3rd day on previous diets.
  • More energy and nootropical benefits from ketosis, gone from a student about to be kicked out of university to getting distinction average.
Grant: final comment – “this is fabulous well done Lawrence, hopefully you can provide some inspiration, especially to the younger guys”

3 Comments on “After years of yoyo dieting and failures I went from 110+kg to 77kg and built muscle on a ketogenic diet in just 6 months

  1. The idea that large particle size LDL is a good thing – in high amounts – is just STUPID!!

  2. Very impressed … well done Lawrence. Please explain … Lawrence had a subfraction test on LDL … is this the Apo A & Apo B tests?

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