The Art and Science of low carb living – Volek and Phinney – 4 books to give away


After a great visit to our research centre and a public lecture by Dr Steve Phinney, we have four of his and Jeff Volek’s book “The Art and Science of Low carbohydrate Living” (hard copy) to give away.

Its a fabulous book, and really the technical go to guide for anyone really serious about LCHF. They do a great job of explaining the science for the intelligent lay person/health professional.

Here’s the deal. I’ll send you a copy (anywhere in Australia or New Zealand) for the best of any of the following:

  1. Your favourite LCHF recipe with a photo
  2. A personal success story with LCHF
  3. A success story with LCHF that involves you helping someone else

You choose and email to me

You will have to be comfortable with this being published on this blog. I’ll get my team here to make some judgements.  Closing date is Monday 29th Sept 2014.

5 Comments on “The Art and Science of low carb living – Volek and Phinney – 4 books to give away

  1. Do you want to do your story of how I helped you & the family for this?


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  2. Little preview of the breakfast I made my family this morning. Caramelized Zucchini (cut into noodles), garlic & onion cooked in Ghee (a form of butter). Grilled bacon. Poached egg. Crushed almonds & cashews. Grilled salmon. Avocado and an egg based mayonnaise. No carb’s, high fat, moderate protein with a seasoning of salt and pepper. Yummo !!

    Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 01:30:57 +0000 To:

  3. I find life has a wonderful way of delivering the things we need, if we allow it. My friend went to the lowcarbnz seminar that he heard about on 1ZB (Leighton Smith) i watched the videos on the website. I had purchased a Thyroid summit from USA and about 3 doctors suggested to have no gluten, no grains and no seeds if you want to lower thyroid antibodies. So i decided I can do this and also went sugar free. I have followed this way of eating 100% of the time

    When I did a google search on “ketones” someone had posted to read The Art and science of low carbohydrate living. I totally love this way of eating. For me it is a lifestyle, not a diet. Today is exactly three months since I started. I do not feel it is an imposition in any way. Before going to a restaurant, I call and sort out what I can have for dinner. I had a body scan done after about a month after starting LCHF diet and was told that my cells were not sufficiently hydrated. This was a surprise to me, until I read in the low carb book, if you stay in a state of ketosis (which I am all the time) that your kidneys flush through both salt and water at a higher rate, So it is necessary to eat more salt and drink more water. This I have now done, by adding it to my drinks I find it easier to say no to all these foods.

    If a person has had very high thyroid antibodies the foods I mentioned are all considered invaders and on the Thyroid summit they suggested to not eat even a crumb. To my surprise I find it easier to say NO than to be able to eat something occasionally. I’m going to continue eating this way and have new blood tests done after I’ve been doing this wonderful new way of eating for 6 months. When i get my test results I’ll post them. Although my weight hasn’t changed I can now fit clothes that I could not wear three months ago and people comment that I look healthier. Yeah! I hope that more and more people embrace Grant’s work.

    I would appreciate if someone contacted me about purchasing the book. I’ve taken out a library copy that I have to return tomorrow, but have not completed reading. I only found this site today when trying to find where to purchase the book. Most of it is an easy read, fascinating and affirming. To get enough fat, I eat high quality coconut oil off the spoon, so that not all my meals taste of coconut oil. I don’t like adding coconut oil to smoothies as, even though I’ve melted the coconut oil before adding, it changes the texture. Have ordered some MCT oil and will try that in smoothies. Have been using organic coconut milk with cinnamon and cacao powder and a pinch of salt to make smoothies. Sometimes I add some butter to increase the fat.

    I read in a book on coconut oil that there are sweet receptors on your tongue, so if you use stevia, for example, that you are still activating the desire for sweet foods.

    In 2002 my thyroid antibodies were 26400 (not a typo) and no doctor suggested anything for me to do.. In Dec 2013 they were 1056 and my last test 151 in June 2014. Had seldom eaten gluten since 2003. Also people with an underactive thyroid tend to have elevated cholestoral, so will see how my next test results look. Am so pleased that my friend put my on to the website

    My food is more delicious and satisfying than before. I have never had much of an appetite and now am a better eater than before.Look forward to reading other people’s experiences. When I had a partner he did not appreciate that I cooked with coconut oil such a lot, so that was also another benefit of eating it from the spoon.

    I found if you want to loose weight, eating the coconut oil off the spoon, about 10 – 15 minutes before meals lowered my appetite, in comparison with cooking with it.

    All the best to everyone embracing this amazing new opportunity for better health. Whenever I get the opportunity, I refer people to the website. Also my dry skin is a lot smoother. If you are not familiar with oil pulling, suggest you do a search. I have been doing it every morning for about 3 years and my dentist said my gums and teeth were so clean, that he did not need to do a clean. This was the first time ever. Also a reminder to use a tongue cleaner each time you oil pull. Not the thing on the back of your tooth brush. You can buy them at Huckleberry Farm and I assume, some health shops. There also used to be aeller on trade me and their tongue cleaner was nice and slim.

    Grant keep up the good work. I know that you will change lives and a lot of people avoid health issues they may otherwise have faced. Feel it would be great to get this info in to high schools. The students may not change now, but at least they would be aware of it, if they decide they want to change at some point.

    Apologies for such a long post. Wanted to share my experience to encourage people to give it a try.

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