Upcoming low carb events in NZ

Folks some date claimers around activities we have planed for the rest of the year.  Some very cool stuff…..

Low carb living seminars


Due to popular request, we are holding some more of our low carb start up seminars on “low carb living”. These are ideal for those wanting to get a start in the world of low carb high fat and just need to know more about why and how.

Venue: AUT Millennium. 17 Antares Pl, Mairangi Bay, Auckland

Date: Monday June the 23rd or Tuesday June 24th

Time: 6.00-8.00 pm

Cost: $95 per Person

Workshops are aimed at anyone wanting to learn more about LCHF and the positive impact that this lifestyle can have on weight loss, energy levels, blood sugar levels, wellbeing and the many associated health and lifestyle benefits. In addition to Professor Schofield, Dietician Dr Caryn Zinn, Nutritionist Dr Mikki Williden and LCHF foodie Julia McPhee will be contributing to and addressing questions at the LCHF workshops.

Please contact the Human Potential Centre  hcentrem@aut.ac.nz to express your interest in attending either of these LCHF Workshops. Places are filling fast so please confirm your attendance.

See also the lchf.co.nz web site

Steve Phiney lecture


Dr Steve Phiney, the LCHF guru, will be visiting our research centre and doing a public presentation on the evening of Thursday August 28th. We will focus the session on both health AND sport and endurance performance. Places will be limited to 100 – please register your interest with us by email hcentrem@aut.ac.nz with “Steve Phiney rego” in the subject line.

We are going to ask for $5-10 donations on the night to help cover costs.

Dr Phiney is the co-author of best sellers and highly useful books — The art and science of low carbohydrate living, and the Art and science of low carbohydrate performance click here for more.

Here’s a recent lecture by Dr Phiney on “The art and science of nutritional ketosis

Jimmy Moore is coming!


Jimmy Moore – author and champion low carb podcaster – the living la vida low carb man himself, will be talking about his new book “Keto clarity” when he visits Auckland and our research centre on November 12th (date to be confirmed). We will tie in a whole afternoon and evening with Jimmy and our team focused on the health and well being side.  Myself and Dr Caryn Zinn will deliver our annual public “science and practice of nutrition” lecture.  Last year’s one has over 25,000 views on youtube. We will call for registrations when the time comes.

Low carb down under Melbourne


The provisional program is now out for a day of low carb rockstars at the St Kilda town hall Saturday August 30th. Dr Steve Phiney is doing two talks, as is Prof Tim Noakes. Here’s the website where you can register. Seriously, if you want to catch the latest and greatest this day will be awesome.

And the provisional program:

“An Overview of Low Carb High Fat Nutrition” Prof Tim Noakes

“The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance” Dr Steve Phinney

“Low Carb for Public Health” Prof Grant Schofield

“A Dietician’s Perspective” Dr Caryn Zinn

“Sugar and Cancer” Dr Kieron Rooney

“Blood Tests to Assess your CV Risk” Dr Ken Sikaris

“LCHF for Elite Athletes”  Prof Tim Noakes

“Applying Low Carb  – Cases from General Practice” Dr Zee Arain

“A Nutritional Model for Optimum Weight and Health” Dr Gary Fettke

“LCHF for Diabetes” Dr Troy Stapleton

“Achieving  and Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis” Dr Steve Phinney

“Making Sense of Dietary Studies” Dr Simon Thornley

 The big debate


And finally, on Friday 29th August at the Nutrition society conference in Queenstown, I will be debating Professor Rod Jackson – the guy who publicly slagged me for talking about fat in this recent documentary, and describes butter as toxic.  Hopefully someone will video this for public digestion……

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  1. Hi

    Looks like this page has not been updated since 2014 – any events planned for this year 2018.

    • Hi Chris, new events should be notified in new blogs as they come up

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