The big fat debate: Head to head on national TV

Stay tuned to TV3, New Zealand, this Wednesday night at 8.30 on current affairs show “3rd Degree” – here’s the trailer…

It should be a biggie.  Myself and Dr Caryn Zinn in the “fat doesn’t make you fat” corner.  Professors Rod Jackson and Jim Mann in the “saturated fat will kill everyone” corner.

We are also releasing our scientific submission to the Ministry of Health on the draft dietary guidelines, recently put up for stakeholder feedback.  Its a decent scientific document which really puts the final nail into the healthy food pyramid worshippers, and brings some evidence based perspective to our dietary guidelines.

We are releasing what we call the “Real food guidelines” as well. Real food, for real people, based on real evidence.

Stay tuned – Wednesday on this blog and on TV3

TV3 3rd Degree trailer.


  1. Well done Grant. Really looking forward to this. Keep up the good work.

  2. SherylTakaNZ · · Reply

    Thanks for the heads up – can’t wait to see it and I will make sure all my clients tune in too. Will be great for them to see more evidence and realise that I am not the only nutritionist telling them they need to eat more fat!

  3. Do they stream it anywhere ?

  4. This sounds awesome – but I’m confused…

    Is this episode a debate like the others this programme has done? I’m assuming not, and that it’s just an episode presenting both points of view – right?

    I can’t decide if an actual debate would be a good thing or not. ; – )


    1. No it’s a story about th differences rather than an actual live debate. Live debate would be unproductive

  5. helsonwheels · · Reply

    Grant, this is excellent news! And even better that it is not an actual live debate. That leaves more room for productive dialogue and illuminating information to come forth. I’m sure it will be a great watch and produce some interesting, positive fall-out (let’s hope)! All the best to you and Caryn, Helen.

  6. Greats sound awesome. The amount of University trained “nutritionists” that tell me I’m killing everyone by selling coconut oil & cacao butter from my MORE2U shop is really starting to get on my nerves particularly as I help others lose weight on a program eating these REAL foods….& it works…

  7. Real food for real people is an excellent way to put it. Hopefully the message carries well in the debate and people don’t get swayed by the scare tactics of the fat demonisers.

  8. Thanks for the fat loss guidelines, it’s really helpful 🙂



  9. Wendy Grylls · · Reply

    Are you seared of a live debate? Dr Wendy Grylls

  10. Wendy Grylls · · Reply

    Sorry a typo. I meant “scared”. If it was live you might be seared. Dr Wendy Grylls

  11. Looking forward to watching it Grant….. you make such good sense for the person in the street 🙂

  12. Wendy Grylls · · Reply

    Do you not publish negative comments? The TV 3 programme was an example of some of the worst researched and unbalanced health journalism I’ve ever seen. I have a PhD in human nutrition and I am part way through a Post Grad Diploma in Journalism. Your grammar is awful by the way e.g. “Myself and Dr..”

    1. You are published. Do you have a specific scientific comment? There is a full scientific justification on the site for your scrutiny. I look forward to your actual scientific criticisms. These of course are public.

  13. Hello Grant, I’ve just discovered that you helped Buck Shelford. Could you recommend any open mined Dr,s in the Palmerston North area please? Who think like you do. I have a diabetic friend who is slowly being killed by THE SYSTEM!

    1. The only peson I know in Palm North is the defence force doctor. Pam Olver in Wellington is very god

  14. Wendy Grylls · · Reply

    I am making a formal complaint (including both scientific and journalistic criticism) to TV3 and will send you a copy in due course

    1. That’s great, I love forward to the science and the public scrutiny it can attract when I post it here

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