LOOP: A NZ first

photo 2

Loop canapé menu on the opening night. Cool to see GF and LCHF options

Loop is a new restaurant in Kingsland Auckland. Tthey opened last night.

So what?  A new place opens up all the time. But this place is different.  Kingsland is the new “Grey Lynn” of Auckland, what Ponsoby was years ago.  Its young and its the place to be.  The Kingsland shops are just across from Eden Park, the famous rugby ground, and on the train  line to West Auckland.  Kingsland has shaken off its old run down image as trendy eateries and pubs open up.

Loop is interesting to me because owners Craig and Hayley are big advocates of the whole. local food low carb high fat approach. So the menu reflects this. They have yummy options fro the LCHF lifestyle, with vegetarian, and gluten free options as well.  All the food is locally and seasonally sourced. They avoid using industrial seed oils for cooking, which are a major bonus.


I went along to the opening night last night and ate up. The Canapes menu is above – yum yum. Its good whole fresh, food with local ingredients, well prepared and beautifully presented. I was eating food with soul.  My favourite – the oil poached lamb.

As far as I know this is New Zealand and Auckland’s first sit down restaurant with this approach. OK we are a niche group right now, but let the commercial success begin.  Let’s support these guys in getting the message into the wider world.

Loop ww page here

Disclosure: I have no relationship with the owners of this restaurant. I just love what they are doing and wish them every success.

The Chorizo and squid

The Chorizo and squid

photo 1

The menu

photo 4

Opening party night at Loop

4 Comments on “LOOP: A NZ first

  1. Excellent. I happen to work close by, so now when the team suggests a working lunch I have somewhere to recommend. Last team lunch was a mexican restaurant, where everything was overloaded with carbs (mostly corn). A non-Mexican pork belly was the only acceptable option, although that came with potato mash.

  2. When I was a kid, my favorite restaurant was Loops,
    in Ventura, California. They were traditional and very
    successful for many decades. Let’s hope for the same
    success for Loop.

  3. Yay, just down the road from where I live! I’ll definitely be a regular local. Thanks for the heads up Grant!

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