Low carb down under Auckland


Registrations are now open for what is going to be a stellar day of low carb  “The Why and How of Low Carb Eating.” at Auckland Museum Auditorium, The Auckland Domain, Parnell, Auckland, NZ.

  • Friday 21st February.  Register here. official webpage here
  • Its an all day (9am to 4pm) session with an amazing line up of experts in the field. AND its only going to cost you $65 (we’ve go to pay to use the venue).

Here’s the line up – check out who we have – top national and international experts in “TED” style 20 min talks. 

I reckon this is the best line up of low carb nutrition experts assembled anywhere in the world in recent times.  Bring it on!  Please help promote this by using your social media – this is all volunteer work.

  1. Introduction Dr Simon Thornley
  2. Low Carb as a Genuine Public Health Approach   Professor Grant Schofield
  3. The Fat Switch   Professor Richard Johnston
  4. I Quit Sugar   Sarah Wilson
  5. All Diabetics should follow a LCHF (ketogenic) Diet.”  Dr Troy Stapleton
  6. The Science behind Low Carb High Fat Nutrition   Dr Kieron Rooney
  7. The Flawed Science of Nutrition – Convenience, Politics and Dollars   Dr Gary Fettke
  8. Cholesterol vs Fat vs Sugar   Assoc Professor Ken Sikaris
  9. The Story of Insulin and its Importance as a Biomarker   Catherine Crofts
  10. Carbohydrate Addiction: Why does it Matter?  Dr Simon Thornley
  11. Are the diseases of civilization caused by inflammation and is LCHF the cure? Dr Zee Arain
  12. High Carb Addiction, Low Whole Food Disaster.”  Dr Anne-Thea McGill
  13. Why I use Low Carb Techniques”   Cliff Harvey
  14. Low carb high fat in practice  Dr Caryn Zinn
  15. So What Should We Eat Then?   Dr Rod Tayler

Register now, and check the official site at lowcarbnz.com

8 Comments on “Low carb down under Auckland

  1. 65 or 45

    Regards Simon 021 383825

    The information contained in this email is privileged and confidential and intended for the addressee only. If you are not the intended recipient, you are asked to respect that confidentiality and not disclose, copy or make use of its contents. If received in error you are asked to destroy this email and contact the sender immediately. Your assistance is appreciated

  2. And if you aren’t near NZ, and are in Central California around the same time,
    you can come to the Central Coast Nutrition Conference on March 1st, 2014.

    I reckon we have a pretty good line-up of speakers too:

    Eric Westman, MD: “The Latest Science on the Low Carb, High Fat Diet” & “How
    to Implement the Low Carb, High Fat Diet” (including variations for lactose
    intolerant, vegetarians, etc.)
    • Jay Wortman, MD: “The Ketonic Diet for Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions”
    & “Returning to a Traditional Diet: What We Have Learmed from Native People”
    • Steve Phinney, MD, PhD: “Inflammation and the Low Carb, High Fat Diet” & “The
    Aboriginal Argument for High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carb (vs High Protein
    • Jeff Volek, PhD, RD: “How Your Blood Panel Values Respond to a Ketogenic Diet” &
    “Performance Paradox: When Low Carb is Better”
    • Lynne Daniel Ivey: “The Journey from Obesity to Health: The Patient Perspective”

    The link to the conference website is:

    Thank you for allowing us to promote this on your site.
    Good luck with your conference!

  3. This sounds such a great day, but for those who can’t get away from work, is there any chance that the speakers will be available on U tube, or through any other forum.

  4. Hi,

    I am 57, male some cardiac disease history and have always struggled to control my weight at healthy level but we have been a low carb high fat diet since reading the article in the Sunday newspaper late last year – I have now lost 5kg (85kg back to 80kg) without feeling that I was on a diet and that period includes Christmas, New year and holiday time!

    Would love to be able to attend this seminar but just can’t get to Auckland on that day – any chance of attending it as a webinar or to access the presentations afterwards via the website? Happy to pay the $45 fee



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