LCHF Seminar now on YouTube!

In October we had planned a seminar on the Low Carb High Fat approach, which was so well received that we decided to hold another one only two weeks later. Many of you have already asked for the video for those who couldn’t attend or would like to watch it again. And here it is: 

12 Comments on “LCHF Seminar now on YouTube!

  1. I am so thrilled you have recorded and made this publically and freely available. Thank you so much. Not all of us can afford to pop over to NZ (much as we would like to) to attend. You have much to share with us… and I will share your insights with others who are still straying 🙂

  2. Hi grant,
    I emailed you in regards to the presentation as i was going to fly over from Australia. Luckily ive watched it on you tube and loved it. I will be attending the seminar you are presenting at in melbourne so i look forward to having a chat to you in regards to your thoughts on ketosis and wether its optimal for performance in endurence events

  3. Hi Grant,
    I just watched your seminar and it was very fascinating!!
    I was just wondering whether you would still recommend this approach to someone with high cholesterol? Really interested to hear your thoughts!

    • My opinion is that HdDL, triglycerides, and small dense LDL all respond favourably to restriction in carbs not fat. Total cholesterol is not a measure you should consider.

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  5. Hi there – Thank you for sharing this presentation. I can not find the reading list you have referred too – are you able to point me in the right direction pls?

  6. Hi. We have been on a LCHF diet since reading the feature that was in the Sunday Newspaper late last year. I have lost 5kg since that time – 86kg down to 81kg, after spending years struggling to control my weight. Hopefully my blood parametres at my next test will not make this choice to hard to defend with my cardiac specialist. I would like to attend the seminar in Auckland in late February but won’t be able to be in Auckland for that day. Is there any chance we can follow it as a webinar or will the sessions be posted subsequently? Thanks for showing the way in this area!

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