We’re doing a public lecture on Low Carb High Fat

Low Carb High Fat_16 Oct 2013

Click here for the full PDF version of the invite Low Carb High Fat_16 Oct 2013

Join me and my research team to see the latest in the world of Low Carb HIgh Fat (LCHF) research and practice.  We will look at what the research shows, what we are doing, and what this means in practical terms.  We will be discussing both health (weight loss, diabetes, and chronic disease), and athletic performance.

Get in quick to register if you are in Auckland as seats are free but limited.

When: Wednesday October 16th 7-8.30 PM

Where: AUT Millennium INstitute, Mairangi Bay Auckland

Register by emailing hpc@aut.ac.nz


  1. for those in other countries, will there be a video or a transcript available please?

  2. Ooops I thought I had posted – ah well again)
    For those of us in other countries, will there be a video or transcript of this available please?
    PLEASE 🙂

    1. Yes we are videoing and will make available ASAP

  3. Pity the picture doesn’t have a delicious piece of salmon with some buttered vegetables. The sausages look insipid.

    1. Yes I agree, that’s university artwork for you. Not that healthy, they wanted provocative!

  4. Just simply added your website to help my list of cost reading sites

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