Reporting back on fat adaptation and making weight for triathlon


Here’s a nice report back from a (kiwi) triathlete living in the Middle East who has become fat adapted and losing some weight in anticipation of the world champs in a couple of months. I think I talked her into a “trial” period of the LCHF, whole foods approach. This is her report after a few weeks.

Hey Grant,

Things are going well –we are well into week 3 .. or maybe it’s week 4…and don’t really see the need to “come off” adaptation phase… although close to giving into my on-going craving for whole grain buttered toast with manuka honey!

GS: JUst eat the damn bread and honey and you will probably feel a little bloated and decide that the thought was better than the actual real thing! Also carbs aren’t that dangerous….you did need to seriously restrict them to adapt though.

I’m enjoying the benefits of no slump in the afternoons.
I’ve become sick of eggs and have moved to a smoothie for breakfast and lunch –
Am really starting to cram everything possible into them! Loving it. Complete meal in a glass – yum –  see pic of regular ingredients.


We are going through peanut butter like nothing else! So I have started making our own – success!! Who’d have known!? So easy!!! Tip salted or dry roasted nuts in a blitzer and 3 minutes later…. Delicious sugar-free and palm oil-free peanut butter 🙂

I am quite happy to continue – we have pretty much removed all sugar…. In-fact I had a fruit salad the other night and felt both very naughty and high from the sugar! In addition to my craving for toast with honey (… seems like a cardinal sin) I’m tempted by a few dates or prunes that are hidden in the naughty cupboard…… But I figure if these are my only “slips” I’m not doing too bad.

I’m consistently under 60-61kg now and nudging <60kg . Almost goal race weight.

One thing I found interesting over the weekend’s more testing session – the chomps that I was having about 50 mins and 1hour 30 mins into the session were really noticeable. I really felt the boost and as a result think I had a better training. Basically it was 90 mins of max accelerations (3 x pyramid from 10 sec to 60 sec) on the turbo and then 40 mins run off the bike including 15 x 30sec on-off efforts. Last weekend on the bike I really struggled and found it soul destroying trying to accelerate / hold max speed for 60secs and unable to hold max speed for long. This weekend I did much better and only towards the last 5-10 seconds did I loose power and the speed started to drop. I really think the new diet helped with endurance and enabled the carbs /fuel to really do their job 🙂

So things are going well and over-all Tim and I are noticing that we are eating a lot healthier and a lot less in each meal – get full earlier. I’m on the hunt for new recipes –bored of eggs ! and want to mix up dinners a bit. I think we run the risk of becoming smoothie junkies! They are so easy and satisfying! Will try lettuce leaf tacos this week and some sort of quiche or egg tart / pie…..

Anyways –feeling good and happy about the diet! Really glad we made the switch.


I think she’s doing pretty well. My advice is really around using carbs in training when the demands of her training session warrant it. I’d still prefer the majority of training wasn’t in the mid-chronic cardio zone.  But if she is going there, then take the carbs you will need them.

Otherwise, mission accomplished so far, which was learning about how to be come fat adapted, eating whole foods, making a race weight and maintaining even energy.


2 Comments on “Reporting back on fat adaptation and making weight for triathlon

  1. Sounds like a great start! Might be worth trying to make other nut butters though rather than peanut, especially if they’re eating such a lot of it and are trying to limit carbs (unless its a specific pre- or post-training fueling strategy??). I know almonds and macadamias are more expensive but the extra cost would hopefully be worth it. I didn’t realise until recently that peanuts aren’t actually nuts. Good luck for the world champs 🙂

  2. Hi Bex, sounds like you’re enjoying the benefits of a diet lower in sugar which is great! I recommend that you go online to Book Depository and order some recipe books to help mix it up a bit with your diet. I really like Well Fed, Practical Paleo and Make it Paleo for easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious recipes that will fit into your LCHF dietary approach. There are also some good recipes that will be suitable directly after training, when you can benefit from taking on board carbohydrate.:) Having more ideas around food and meals will help prevent food fatigue that comes from a lack of variety in your diet. Good luck for the world champs!

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