TEDMED Peter Attia

Is the “obesity crisis” just a disguise for a deeper problem?

Dr Peter Attia’s TEDMED talk is out. He articulates very nicely, in good conservative medical speak, just what the alternative insulin resistance hypothesis is, and why we get fat and sick. The more detailed hypothesis I have covered in “Why some people stay skinny and others get fat.”  Well done Peter, we need to get this video out there, so please like it, pass on my blog, whatever to help with this.

Peter writes the blog eatingacademy and is President and Co-founder with Gary Taubes of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NUSI), who we will see way more often in the future. The non-profit has raised many millions now to fund state of the art nutrition research.

Full version here http://www.tedmed.com/talks/show?id=18029

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