PS from the low carb dabbler – Part 1

Thanks to everyone reading and passing on this blog.  Its grown really fast and already is closing in on 10,000 hits in a little more than 6 weeks.  So thank you. Helen Kilding started editing my blogs, and as you can see after a few weeks of that she really got the blogging bug herself.  She’s also having quite a journey converting from low fat vegetarianism to a whole foods high fat diet including plenty of meats.

Helen can speak for herself, and will continue to do so in this and subsequent blogs, but the most obvious outward thing I’ve noticed is just how healthy and vital Helen looks.  Read on and thanks again. Over to you Helen.


It’s over a month now since my 7 day LCHF experiment and I’ve had time to digest things (excuse the pun) and give some thought to the future. I was also lucky enough to discuss what I ate and how I felt with nutritionist Dr Mikki Williden, who kindly analysed my rather rough and ready food diary. The results were interesting, but we’ll get to that in Part 2.

First I want to share the key things that have happened since the ‘experiment’ ended:


  • I’ve still been having yoghurt, cream, berries, nuts and seeds (YCBNS) for breakfast. Why? Because I really like it, I don’t get a sugar high or low soon after, and it keeps me full for longer. This from the person who when once asked “if you had to live on one food only, what would it be?” answered “breakfast cereal”
  • When I’m out I have scrambled eggs or an omelette
  • Occasionally I’ve had weetbix, or a bowl of porridge. I’ve enjoyed it but it hasn’t satisfied me as much.


  • I’ve still been having high fat salads and omelettes. Why? Because I’ve come to like them and I like the way I feel afterwards. It still feels a bit strange using so much mayonnaise, oil and cream but I’m getting used to it. I do sometimes miss the ease of a sandwich or sushi though
  • As the temperatures have dropped, I’ve started feeling like something more warming at lunch time and have been experimenting with different soups which has been nice (how could they not be when they’re laden with coconut milk and cream?!). And I’ve discovered a new favourite lunch, a kind of hot salad I guess….bok choy sautéed in lots of olive oil with a can of tuna in more olive oil, sesame seeds and soy sauce to taste.
  • I must say though, lunches aren’t satisfying me for as long as they were at the start, possibly because I’m more active (see below).


  • This is the meal where I thought the LCHF wheels could fall off, for three reasons: 1) I didn’t want to have fish/meat and salad/veggies every night and I didn’t know what else to have; 2) it’s the meal I always eat with my husband and he likes his carbs and I quite like some carbs too; and 3) I’m conscious that my previous HCLF diet wasn’t “bad” and am still unsure if a strict LCHF diet is a better alternative for me
  • I’ve realised though that I didn’t make much of an effort looking for alternative meal ideas during my experiment, so I’ve been having a read and a play…. lasagne made with aubergine slices instead of pasta sheets is delicious, a takeaway curry served with some faux rice really hits the spot, and cooked veggies (other than potato) mashed with butter and cream are addictive and go with everythingSpot the difference

Dinner for 2 – spot the difference…..

  • So I don’t really know how it happened, but eating LCHF has almost become a habit now and doesn’t seem any effort at all. I’m enjoying experimenting and it helps that I know so many people who are doing it as well. The last thing I want is to finally not be one sort of food freak (vegetarian), only to become another!
  • Speaking of meat, I haven’t stopped eating it since the experiment ended! Even the types I said I wouldn’t. Turns out chicken isn’t so “foul” after all 😉
  • Every now and then I have eaten higher carb foods, but definitely in smaller portions – a large portion of Bolognese, with just a bit of spaghetti underneath, for example
  • I’m still in the dark though about how high on the fat I should go if/when I’m having a moderate carb meal
  • My husband, although still wanting to see more evidence of the LCHF approach for a range of individuals, is certainly happy to – and indeed is enjoying – having some LCHF dinners, especially if he’s had a good carb fix during the day 🙂


  • The whole family is eating less processed snack foods; partly because I’m not as hungry late afternoon and partly because we’ve broken the habit of always doing so
  • I miss the crunch of crackers, toast and chips though so loved the seed cracker recipe shared by Alex over at Alex and her husband have just completed their own LCHF challenge which is worth a read if you’re thinking of giving it a go (comment from Grant – these are really really yummy. I haven’t got the actual skill to make them myself, but they are so good).

Seed crackers My version of Alex’s seed crackers

  • I still haven’t had a chocolate frappé. I used to crave them and have 3 or 4 or week, but I really don’t fancy something so sweet at the moment. I’ve struggled to find low-sugar cold drinks in cafés but a friend introduced me to the Ti Tonics drinks range which are reasonably low
  • I thought I could never give up café hot chocolates but I’ve been feeling quite sick after having them so have been trying alternatives….crazy hey! A cup of warm milk was a good alternative one morning or I ask for a quarter strength hot chocolate which seems like a nice compromise and I feel fine afterwards
  • I’ve been drinking Pepsi Max nearly everyday 😦 I can’t believe that someone so committed to their health and wellbeing puts this stuff in their body. I think it’s partly because I haven’t had any nasty side effects and partly because I don’t drink coffee or tea and really need a caffeine boost later in the afternoon (probably due to my current sleep deprived state). But I’ve decided not to beat myself up about it…I can’t and don’t want to be a complete saint when it comes to what goes in my body. And compared to what I could be doing to it, I don’t think my body can complain.


I’ve definitely been more active this month, due in part I’m sure to better and more stable energy levels. Energy availability hasn’t been an issue, no matter what time of day I’ve tried to do something and no matter how many times I’ve been up in the night, which can only be because of the LCHF eating. I’ll be on fire when I finally get some proper sleep!

3 Comments on “PS from the low carb dabbler – Part 1

  1. Hey Guys! I’m so glad that you have enjoyed the seed crackers so much – they really were my life savers when I wanted something crunchy and was missing my slices of buttery toast! Helen, I’m really glad to see that you are experimenting with different foods – I think this is what makes and keeps the LCHF diet interesting! Keep on at it 🙂

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