A tale of two meals

Check out this cool ideograph of how high carb and low carb affect energy metabolism and fat storage. Nice picture for you to get your head around and explain to others.  Source for the lovely ideograph

A tale of two diets

A tale of two diets

4 Comments on “A tale of two meals

  1. This makes really good sense! I had a dramatic weight loss when I first started this diet (way of life) two weeks ago, about 2 kgs, (mostly water I think) but half of it has come back. I have been eating lots of nuts and lots of cream and cheese and I have read that maybe I have been jumping into this thinking “Wahoo I can eat as much fat as I like!” but there are limits particularly with dairy I believe?. So I’m cutting back on Dairy and Nuts BUT I feel amazing! I can go almost 8 hours without being hungry at all and I’m completely out of the transition phase where you get temporary “carb flu”. This is so fascinating I have purchased The Low Carb Gourmet by Karen Barnaby and amazed at some of the recipes for example if you must have Rice get a Cauliflower, grate it then fry in olive oil / coconut oil and garlic and it is a pretty yummy alternative – tastes nothing like Cauliflower either!

    • Great stuff, yes in the end you can’t defeat the laws of thermodynamics and have to eat less calories. The thing is though that should be easy because hunger is much more controlled and as you have seen as soon as you beat the carb addiction missing the odd meal etc is easy. You have done right thing though you must use the adaptation phase as such nit a weight loss phase. That comes in due course. Good luck!

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