Diary of a low carb dabbler – Part 4

Helen Kilding with Ella and Tom

Oh dear….maybe when you reintroduce meat in to your diet after over 20 years, you should start with a small portion, not a LCHF diet portion! Stomach ache and nausea in the middle of the night, whilst trying to feed a 3 month old, is not fun. I felt almost back to normal by morning and after some YCBNS and a lovely run/walk on the beach, all was good in the world again. Today was my first real experience of eating out as a LCHF dabbler. My usual café lunch of a smoked salmon bagel or pancakes was replaced with a vegetable omelette. I was very proud of myself for asking for the toast to be replaced with avocado and the café accommodated my request without issue. It looked lovely, a good size but not massive, so I wondered how I’d feel afterwards without the toast. I hadn’t asked for extra butter, cheese or cream, but neither had I asked for these to be omitted like I might usually have done. It was delicious and no need to worry about being satisfied, I was stuffed for hours!

More firsts later in the day with the first night of entertaining as a LCHF dabbler, made much easier by three of the guests also being LCHF dabblers (sorry for the label guys). Despite the previous night’s meat experience, I decided to keep things easy and just make one dish and opted for a beef casserole with mashed potato for the carb lovers, and faux mashed potato (cauliflower blended with butter and cream) for the carb loathers. Guess which one hardly got touched….the faux mash was a big hit with carb lovers and loathers alike and will definitely be on the menu again.

So Day 6 began with a little bit of a sore head but no hangover-style food cravings, so just the normal YCBNS breakfast. Lunch was at a function with a sausage sizzle and an array of salads and desserts. Unfortunately, although delicious looking, most of the salads were either high carb or low fat, but I managed to find a few that didn’t look too bad (or good!) and topped them off with a large helping of fried onions off the BBQ! I was hungry a couple of hours later though so a bowl of yoghurt and cream and a handful of nuts got me through the afternoon, along with plenty of water, which I’m still finding I’ve got more of a thirst for.

Strangely, after being bored silly of canned fish based salads, I really fancied one tonight and really enjoyed it. And now, sitting here writing this, I’m trying to decide if I’m still hungry, or if my old habit of having a yoghurt or something else sweet after dinner is fighting its way back in. No….I think I’m hungry….so in the absence of knowing what else to have, it’s yoghurt and cream again for me. Night night.

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