Diary of a low carb dabbler – Part 2

Helen Kilding with Ella and Tom

Well after some early hiccups, I’m now 3 days in to my 7 day trial. Day 1 was Day 1 by accident really…..after having a café brunch of omelette and salad, an early afternoon snack of full fat yoghurt with nuts and seeds, and then a dinner of a beautiful piece of oily salmon with salad and just a small piece of bread, I realised that I’d possibly, accidentally, had a relatively LCHF day. So I decided to call that Day 1. I started the next day with just a small bowl of yoghurt, cream, berries, nuts and seeds (YCBNS), as I planned to do some exercise soon after. After a 30 minute run round the lake with the buggy, I met friends for a walk and some exercises on the beach. By 11 am, after the walk alone, I would usually be ready for a mid-morning snack but not today. I had a hot chocolate because I like it and to be sociable but I didn’t need it. And then out of the blue I was asked if I wanted to go for another run. Normally I would have to think twice about how I was going to fuel for it but that thought didn’t cross my mind and 4 hours after the first time, I was back round the lake (again pushing my precious cargo) and feeling great. And this is when it gets really weird….we finished in a café, again, and even though I’d cooled down and it was 6 hours since breakfast and 2 hours since my hot chocolate (with full-fat milk) and I’d run twice in one day for the first time in years, I wasn’t hungry.

Around 3 pm I whipped up the only thing I could think of for lunch – half a can of red salmon, half an avocado, a boiled egg, various salad items and a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise. Traditionally I might have had some of these same items mixed through cous cous, with little or no dressing. Traditionally I would have felt hungry shortly after. Not this time. And the cravings for crackers, chips and dips around 5/6 pm while getting the kids ready for bed and dinner sorted? Not today.

So then on to the dilemma of how to cook a LCHF dinner for one person and a high carb medium fat (HCMF) dinner for another…..not too big a deal tonight it turned out. Egg frittata made with cream and veggies and topped with cheese. Penne pasta in one half, no penne pasta in the other half. Bread on the side for those who want it; a salad with avocado and olive oil dressing for those who don’t. Husband and wife both sorted and satisfied.

Day 3 was much the same. YCBNS for breakfast (it still feels incredibly odd to be looking for the highest fat yoghurt I can find….and then pouring cream in it!), a 1 hour swim, a hot chocolate at 11 am and a salad with tuna and loads of olive oil for lunch. No mid-afternoon fall off the cliff. No rush for dinner to be ready. And no need for anything else after a decent size piece of salmon with cheesy coleslaw on the side for dinner…oh and a couple of glasses of wine 🙂 Traditionally I wouldn’t have had the coleslaw and would have had the potatoes and bread on offer. Traditionally I would have been sitting here typing this hungry and reaching for a bowl of cereal. Not tonight.

And how’s the baby doing? No sign of any problem with milk supply yet. And the Pepsi Max issue?! I’m 3 days dry 🙂

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