A strange phone call Yesterday a 92-year-old man, Raymond called me. He was following up after reading a special report on saturated fat and butter in our national newspaper. He was a nice fellow. He apologised for his croaky voice as he currently has pneumonia and hadn’t slept much the night before. He explained he […]

Here’s the latest special report in our national newspaper – the New Zealand Herald covering the current “fat debate”. Its a good read and gets a bit into the personalities and egos involved. Second bit for the day…if you have time enjoy this short clip showing the evolution of humans into the sedentary sugar eaters we are […]

Australia’s top science show – ABC’s Catalyst ran this story late last week.  If you haven’t already watched it, here is a link friendly to people outside of Australia. Interesting “no shows” by the Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia.

“A sedentary life may be injurious. It must therefore be your resolute care to keep your body as upright as possible when you read and write; never stoop your head nor bend your breast. To prevent this, you should get a standing desk.” (Presbyterian Minister, Orton Jobs, 1797) Having missed the above advice of Orton […]

Part 2 – previous post (part 1) here Just to sum up where we (and the others) are at, I’ve paraphrased the main arguments with counter points below.  There is no long-term evidence of low carb high fat (LCHF) not harming people We would respond that in the short and medium term LCHF is at least […]

It’s been a big week in New Zealand on the ongoing debate around fat in the diet and health. In the “You demonised fat without evidence and have contributed to a carb laden food environment” corner is our team at AUT’s Human Potential Centre In the other “You people are dangerous and unqualified, and everyone […]

An excellent (longish, but good read) piece by lay LCHFer and curious lay scientist Malcolm McKinlay. We all know that if you eat a lot of fat, you will get fat and put yourself at risk of cardiovascular disease. We all know that if you eat too much and don’t exercise enough, you will become […]

Just out: Two university professors (me and cardiovascular epidemiologist Rod Jackson) and two celebrity chefs (Al Brown and Annie Thorp) discuss how New Zealand food has evolved over the last fifty years, argue about the effect of our diet on our health, and share their ideas of the national Kiwi dish with an amused and engaged audience […]

I received this picture and cool note a few weeks ago.  I’m not really the religious type myself, more of a scientist type.  But each to their own.  What I did love about this  story is these guys mobilising their church and starting a LCHF group “fittoserve” in it.  Way to go guys.  Don’t just pray […]

Hi Grant, Im a tertiary manager in the lower part of the South Island, New Zealand selling a range of different products.  I had gained about12kg over the last 6 years and could not move it even with the exercise I was doing. On my way home from visiting my brother in Melbourne I was […]

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