Stay tuned to TV3, New Zealand, this Wednesday night at 8.30 on current affairs show “3rd Degree” – here’s the trailer… It should be a biggie.  Myself and Dr Caryn Zinn in the “fat doesn’t make you fat” corner.  Professors Rod Jackson and Jim Mann in the “saturated fat will kill everyone” corner. We are […]

Today, a great story about changing your life for the better on low carb high fat, and a short Q and A at the end to make it even more fun.  Enjoy this, it’s a good one. Hi Grant Firstly, thank you so much for all the information and posts you are supplying about LCHF […]

Loop is a new restaurant in Kingsland Auckland. Tthey opened last night. So what?  A new place opens up all the time. But this place is different.  Kingsland is the new “Grey Lynn” of Auckland, what Ponsoby was years ago.  Its young and its the place to be.  The Kingsland shops are just across from […]

In Part 1 of this four part series, we talked about how to kick start a LCHF lifestyle; what to eat and what not to eat. See “Getting started on LCHF – Part 1: Clean out day”. In Part 2 we will look at how best to navigate the (sometimes difficult but hopefully brief) fat […]

What do a Renal Physician, an AFL Club Doctor, an Epidemiologist, a Radiologist, a Pathologist, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, an Anaesthetist , a Pharmacist and a Biochemist all have in common? Answer: They have all taken a long hard look at current nutrition guidelines, noted that they’re not working, queried where the evidence was for them […]

By far and away the most email, comments and questions we get are around how to start LCHF, what a LCHF whole food eating plan looks like, whether its doable for the average person, and how you know what success looks like. We’ll address this in a series of posts but here are the first […]

Here’s a great letter about LCHF success but with an important question. I hope you enjoy Norman’s story – it’s a nice one about improved weight, energy and health.  Great blood results, but some concern about protein. In fact, its been a big week for protein.  The story about two research papers lead to headlines […]

This is an outstanding 15 min presentation by our own Dr Caryn Zinn, Registered Dietician, about her growth , development, practice and ethics of LCHF practice.  Recorded at the recent Low Carb Down Under conference in Auckland, she is the first of the videos released. Enjoy.  Send this to your dietician friends (and even the […]

Folks, here’s a great story about health and weight loss – along with some excellent examples of what to actually eat on the LCHF plan.  I’m often asked about cholesterol and how to interpret the numbers on the blood form. People get (rightly) concerned that their metabolic markers are heading in the right direction.  So […]

This week sees another stirring of the debate about fat and health. An editorial in Open Heart has sent everyone to their keypads.  Here’s a good summary of the Open Heart piece. Here’s my response – an article just published in the Conversation “Saturated fat debate shows how hard it is to challenge the establishment“. A […]

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