We’re really proud of this piece of work by Catherine Crofts under the guidance of myself and Dr Caryn Zinn. A great review paper on how high insulin underpins all of chronic disease. Just out in the journal Diabesity Full text here. Abstract below REVIEW Diabesity 2015; 1 (4): 34-43 doi: 10.15562/diabesity.2015.19 http://www.diabesity.ejournals.ca   Hyperinsulinemia: […]

What The Fat? Sports Performance: Leaner, Fitter, Faster on Low-Carb Healthy Fat has been up for pre-order for the last week or two. It’s due December 2nd on Amazon. We’ve been working on this for months and months and its really come together well. So we are pretty excited to se it go live in […]

By Catherine Crofts f long-term insulin resistance leads to poor health, why do we become insulin resistant in the first place? To understand this, we need to understand a bit more about how the body uses the two main energy sources, glucose and fat.  When we are metabolically flexible we can burn both glucose and fat, […]

I wrote this little piece up for Facebook, and its ended up viral – mainly because the All Blacks won the World Cup. So here’s more permanent version. Enjoy. Many of you might know that we are in the final stages of getting our new book “What The Fat? Sports Performance” ready for publishing. It’s […]

We’ve extended our annual “State of the nation LCHF” sessions to Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland this year. The Wellington one pretty much filled up, Auckland is almost full, and there’s still room for Christcurch. Event flyer click here So come on Christchurch register here CHRISTCHURCH:TUESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER Sumner School, Colenso St, Sumner AUCKLAND: WEDNESDAY 2ND DECEMBER AUT Millennium , 17 Antares […]

Grant Schofield, George Henderson On the 26th October the IARC Monograph Working Group, who work under the World Health Organisation, declared that processed meat is a carcinogen and that red meat is a possible carcinogen.[1] Of course the media ran away with this, comparing bacon with smoking, to the despair of anti-smoking campaigners, but what […]

We are inviting interested people to participate in a research study about ketogenic diets. The study “The Effects of Two Different Supplemental Oils on Keto-Adaptation and Symptoms of Carbohydrate Withdrawal” seeks to help us better understand the effects of different food oils on achieving nutritional ketosis, and on symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal (know as ‘Keto-Flu’). […]


The most common criticism, certainly the most serious we get, is that saying that butter and cream and full-fat dairy aren’t necessarily harmful in a low carb diet will cause people to eat more of these foods and increase the risk of heart disease

We keep writing back an forth, and this “butter is out” debate seems to go on and on. If oyuare interested here’s our latest Thornley-19361421

3 People keep asking me what my favourite LCHF meal is. I’m a simple sort of guy, and this is a simple sort of meal. The bunless burger. I love them – fresh ingredients and a meal that fills you up, and the whole family eats quite happily (I have three boys aged 5, 12, and 14). It’s cool […]

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