By George Henderson, a member of the Human Potential Centre Research team at AUT University  This blog is a bit longer than usual, and a little more science focused than usual. Its aimed to help you understand where the talk about fat and health comes from, and where the field is moving. The question I hear most […]

Thanks for the dozens of Low Carb success stories you sent me.  I wish so much I could send you al a copy of Nina Tiecholz’s “Big Fat Surprise“.  Alas, I have three copies only, and had to choose three from many. Here are the three stories who are the competition winners.  Congratulations and your […]

Its first booked in, first served folks.  We have 190 seats available.  50 are already taken.  This will be a great seminar for athlete and the general LCHF health community. Dr Steve Phiney, the LCHF guru, will be visiting our research centre and doing a public presentation on the evening of Thursday August 28th. We will […]

I have three brand new copies of Nina Teicholz’s new best seller “Big Fat Surprise” sitting on my office desk.   Thanks Nina for giving them to me.  She’s done a great job, in the Gary Taubes “Good calories, bad calories” genre.  Its really readable and a great reference for the future.  This is really really […]

Folks some date claimers around activities we have planed for the rest of the year.  Some very cool stuff….. Low carb living seminars Due to popular request, we are holding some more of our low carb start up seminars on “low carb living”. These are ideal for those wanting to get a start in the world […]

We have just had our paper “Chewing the saturated fat: should we or shouldn’t we?” published in the New Zealand Medical Journal  – it’s a nice paper on the reality of the evidence around saturated fat and health.  Thanks to Dr Simon Thornley and George Henderson, my co-authors. Click this –  sat_fat to read. Please FB, […]

This is really worth a watch if you get the chance

It’s a food fight. The time has finally come where a deep and important line needs to be drawn in the sand.  No more throwing bad science and bad advice around.  Stop! The “food pyramid” guidelines are still alive (and well?) in New Zealand (see here). They are outdated, old school and quite simply wrong. […]

Stay tuned to TV3, New Zealand, this Wednesday night at 8.30 on current affairs show “3rd Degree” – here’s the trailer… It should be a biggie.  Myself and Dr Caryn Zinn in the “fat doesn’t make you fat” corner.  Professors Rod Jackson and Jim Mann in the “saturated fat will kill everyone” corner. We are […]

Today, a great story about changing your life for the better on low carb high fat, and a short Q and A at the end to make it even more fun.  Enjoy this, it’s a good one. Hi Grant Firstly, thank you so much for all the information and posts you are supplying about LCHF […]

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