It’s pretty obvious we need to change the way we do things in the field of nutrition. It’s time to change, to try the new. Enjoy my take on how to redefine the way we do things in public health nutrition.

Should I take a statin? Your cholesterol might be high, you might have already had a heart attack. Your doctor might advise you to take a statin – cholesterol lowering medication. How do you make an informed choice? Well, here’s the logic and outcomes used in the trials which evaluate if these little pills are […]

Well worth a watch – reverse type 2 diabetes and sort obesity by ignoring the nutrition guidelines.

Here’s a friend of mine Brendan Blanchard. Six months ago he was what he describes as a “fat boy” at around 110 kg.  He is a big strength guy involved in power lifting and therefore works out quite a lot.  Even so, a bit of post-pregnancy stress and a second child on he way lead […]

In the next few posts I’m going to spend time on the basics of LCHF, not the hardcore science of nutrition.  There’s plenty more of that to come again soon. I’m starting with our view of what the Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle is all about (and why you’d do it). Here’s our “Skinny version” by me, Prof […]

In anticipation of the release of “What the Fat? Fat’s IN, Sugar’s OUT” – due in May, we are releasing our 10 rules.  Below is the “skinny” (quick read) version.  Enjoy. Rule 1: Go low “HI” Replace processed foods with stuff that was recently alive – foods low in the Human Interference (HI) factor. Real, […]

This is a beauty of a summary of what Malcolm McKinlay learned during his (first) 6 months on LCHF.  Malcolm is super interesting because he lives inDunedin New Zealand and spent lots of time talking to me about LCHF, and took extra time to seek the alternative point of view from Prof Jim Mann in person (long time […]

Today’s the day we have something to show for months and months of hard work Over the past several months myself, Whole food dietician Dr Caryn Zinn and Michelin-trained chef Craig Rodger have been putting together a complete “how to” guide for Low Carb Healthy Fat Eating. The book is called “What The Fat:  Fat’s IN Sugar’s […]

A strange phone call Yesterday a 92-year-old man, Raymond called me. He was following up after reading a special report on saturated fat and butter in our national newspaper. He was a nice fellow. He apologised for his croaky voice as he currently has pneumonia and hadn’t slept much the night before. He explained he […]

Here’s the latest special report in our national newspaper – the New Zealand Herald covering the current “fat debate”. Its a good read and gets a bit into the personalities and egos involved. Second bit for the day…if you have time enjoy this short clip showing the evolution of humans into the sedentary sugar eaters we are […]

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