Yes true, New Zealand released its new nutrition guidelines late last year. No real surprises in them.  Little improvement over the old ones really, as well as a few interesting things like the “four food groups“. In case you are wondering, these are vegetables and fruit, grains (at least 6 servings a day), low fat […]

By Grant Schofield and George Henderson Say what? OK, we’re always on about insulin the so called “master hormone” that manages our blood sugar and fat burning . But hormones almost never act alone. There are more complex bits and pieces going on. Let’s look at two others involved the process – glucagon and somatostatin 28. Warning: […]

  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans have just been released – they’re supposed to be good till 2020, when the process will be repeated. This document will undoubtedly influence (or rather, be used to support) the dietary guidelines for this country. And it’s not just a question of […]

My family just got back from a summer evening Hikuwai river trip (Coromandel New Zealand). It’s just a reminder to me of the importance of making an effort and getting outside, catching and cooking (at least some) of your own food, and sitting around an open fire. We took two other families – 8 kids […]

This excellent post just reminded me of a blog I wrote earlier this year. Both point out the problems with this whole “saturated fat is going to give you heart disease” thing. The data on inspection just don’t add up. Not only do they not add up, they sometimes show the opposite of what is claimed. But, after […]

Thanks Bevan Mckinnon, our long-time elite athlete and coaching partner for having me on your weekly podcast/radio show to discuss the new work in our book “What the Fat? Sport Performance.” Here’s his blurb….listen here HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – PROFESSOR GRANT SCHOFIELD Prof Grant Schofield is a respected PhD public health academic of 20 years. Dubbed […]

  The contents of this blog post have been removed

We’re really proud of this piece of work by Catherine Crofts under the guidance of myself and Dr Caryn Zinn. A great review paper on how high insulin underpins all of chronic disease. Just out in the journal Diabesity Full text here. Abstract below REVIEW Diabesity 2015; 1 (4): 34-43 doi: 10.15562/diabesity.2015.19   Hyperinsulinemia: […]

What The Fat? Sports Performance: Leaner, Fitter, Faster on Low-Carb Healthy Fat has been up for pre-order for the last week or two. It’s due December 2nd on Amazon. We’ve been working on this for months and months and its really come together well. So we are pretty excited to se it go live in […]

By Catherine Crofts f long-term insulin resistance leads to poor health, why do we become insulin resistant in the first place? To understand this, we need to understand a bit more about how the body uses the two main energy sources, glucose and fat.  When we are metabolically flexible we can burn both glucose and fat, […]

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